SyMAX® Motor



  • Power Rating: up to 150kW/200HP
  • Voltage: 400VAC or 460VAC 50/60HZ
  • IE4 plus efficiency levels
  • Patented MAX GUARD® insulation system
  • TEFC, optional TENV or TEBC construction


  • Broad product offering that is designed for high speed & high performance air moving, compressor, and pumping applications
  • Wide voltage/frequency range meeting global requirements
  • IE4 efficiencies increase energy savings and reduce operating costs  
  • “Performance Matched” to all leading brands of PWM permanent magnet drives guaranteeing years of trouble-free operation
  • Direct drop-in replacement, with 1-2 frame size reduction possible
Symax Radial Flux Motors
Symax Motors Main Image
SyMax Motor

The Marathon® brand has a developed reputation for conservative motor designs and highly engineered products used in a vast array of commercial and industrial applications around the world. 


Today, we build on our legacy of innovative and efficient motor designs by the joining of magnetics and motors into a single leading technology. This allows for unparalleled power densities, unprecedented performance, and unmatched efficiencies.   


Our SyMAX® PMAC radial flux motors allow you to imagine and implement possibilities that no conventional induction motor or competing variable speed technology could provide in air moving, compressor, and pumping applications. 


The SyMAX® FHP motor is built in a 48 frame TENV enclosure and delivers the equivalent horsepower and torque of a 145T frame induction motor.  This is a three frame reduction in size!  


The SyMAX® IHP motor has a power range from 1/2 HP to 150HP and typically has twice the torque of an equivalent induction motor in the same frame size.  Imagine a world with no belts, sheaves, or gearing, the cost savings along with the on-going savings in maintenance cost, and downtime due to worn out mechanical products. 



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