LIMA® MAC Reefer

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The all new MARATHON REEFER GENERATOR has been specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the reefer application. Using the LIMA® MAC electrical design as a base, Marathon has greatly enhanced the product to address the environmental demands of the under slung and nose mounted gen set, while maintaining the convenient ease of use features of the self-regulated LIMA® MAC design.

A 100% Solids varnish/Polybutadiene overcoat insulation system provides the ultimate protection for the generator windings. Marathon Electric also offers an intake and exhaust baffle to prevent contaminants from entering the generator.

With a comprehensive understanding of the application, Marathon Electric is proud to present the MARATHON REEFER GENERATOR.

Product Features

  • SUPERIOR INSULATION SYSTEM. Incorporates a combination of 100% Solids varnish with a Polybutadiene overcoat, resulting in a complete encapsulation of the windings. In addition to the excellent environmental protection against moisture, salt, and chemicals of the reefer application, the 100% Solids/Polybutadiene combination is far superior to other methods in flexibility, toughness, abrasion resistance, thermal shock properties and elevated temperature insulation resistance. Special winding procedures include cuffed slot liners to provide positive spacing and increased track over resistance. Connections are insulated with tape and absorbent felts for additional protection. Extra end turn ties provide additional strength.
  • SIDE AIR INLET FILTRATION DESIGN. Incorporates air baffles to provide a change in air direction to reduce moisture and contamination.
  • OPTIONAL EXHAUST BAFFLE. Recommended on under slung generators which may have a return leg in which the generator is not running. In that mode the baffles in the exhaust baffle provide a change in direction to reduce moisture and contamination from entering the generator.
  • CAST ALUMINUM FRAME CONSTRUCTION. Provides for a lightweight design in addition to maintaining the rigid construction required to withstand roadway shock and vibration.
  • CAST ALUMINUM ALLOY VENTILATION FAN. Prevents vibration and breakage problems associated with sheet metal or plastic fans.
  • HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE-SEALED BALL BEARINGS. The over sized 6308 ball bearing insures a long life (100,000 hours B-10 life) white the double-sealed design fully protects the bearing from contamination. In addition an integral anti-rotation O-ring is included to prevent bearing or bracket housing wear.
  • TERMINAL STRIP. Located in the top access conduit box provides ease of wiring or re-connection without taped connections. A grounding stud is provided inside and outside the conduit box.
  • FIELD WINDING PROTECTION. Layer wound with thermo setting epoxy to provide protection against contamination and for high mechanical and electrical integrity.
  • EXCLUSIVE LIMA® MAC PERFORMANCE. Provides excellent motor starting capabilities to withstand the heavy compressor starting loads of the reefer application (1.2 HP/kW motor starting). The simple self-regulated design has inherent voltage regulation and positive voltage build-up.
  • COMPACT LENGTH AND HEIGHT. Essential to the space restrictions of the Reefer generator. The Marathon design includes a compact 17" overall length and a low profile terminal opening.

For a dependable source of high power performance, specify the MARATHON REEFER GENERATOR. It could only be from Marathon Electric.

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