Magnapower Generator



The MAGNAPOWER™ Generator line offers powerful performance, reliable power generation and easy installation. MAGNAPOWER Generators are the optimum design choice for prime power needs including:

  • Reciprocating and Turbine prime movers
  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Utility Applications
  • Heavy Industry Power
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Cogeneration


  • Flexible designs allow the construction choices needed. Whether it's single or two bearing the mounting required is available.
  • Rugged Construction of steel plate and utilizing internal frame supports, external girth rings and a rigidly controlled welding process assure low vibration and long life.
  • Conduit box assemblies are optimized to the application. Special lead entry or terminal connection requirements, and designed to accept various auxiliary devices such as surge suppressors and current transformers all within a compact envelope.
  • High Voltage Insulation System utilizes advanced materials and modern processes resulting in superior performance. Special form wound coils provide excellent voltage surge and corona protection. The entire stator assembly is vacuum pressure impregnated with anhydride epoxy resin, well known for it's excellent electrical as well as mechanical strength, then an overcoat of tropical insulation for added environmental protection.
  • Permanent Magnet Generator to supply the regulator with input power isolated from load disturbances and to ensure 300% short circuit current for a minimum of 10 seconds during fault conditions. An exciter is supplied which utilizes rotating rectifiers rated for 1000 volts as well as surge suppressors for protection from voltage spikes. Both are mounted outboard of the bearings for ease of inspection and maintenance.
  • Unirotor Construction is exclusively available from Marathon Electric. Incorporating single piece rotor laminations and die cast rotor and amortisseur windings The copper field is wet layer wound with thermo setting epoxy for high mechanical and electrical integrity then given an overcoat of tropical insulation for added environmental protection.
  • Patented Digital Voltage Regulator, the DVR2000, provides .25% voltage regulation, three phase RMS sensing, and advanced operation and protection features. Versions are available that offer VAR AND POWER FACTOR control It is conveniently mounted in a low voltage section of the conduit box or can be remotely mounted as the application dictates.

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