Prevent Bacterial Buildup in Food Processing

Don't Give Bacteria a Fighting Chance

The modern food-processing environment is geared for safety. From facility design to conveyors to components, every detail has to be considered. And that’s exactly why LEESON® Extreme Duck® Ultra motors were engineered.

With full stainless steel construction, these motors handle the high pressure spray and caustic chemical washdown environment. To keep food processing byproducts and fluids from being harbored on the motor, seams have been minimized, shafts fully sealed, and a new mounting design helps prevent the opportunity for bacterial build-up.

  • According to the CDC 48 million Americans contract a food-borne illness every year
  • According to the FDA 153 food products were recalled due to possible Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli contamination
  • According to the CSC 128,000 people were hospitalized in 2018 from more than 250 identified food-borne diseases.


Here's a Little Savings Sizzle for You

Investing in quality can have huge returns. The tougher the motor, the more you’ll save by avoiding expensive downtime, maintenance and repair costs. See how two companies are using LEESON motor technology to pay back big.

Beef Processing Plant

PROCESSES: 10,000 cattle per week

APPLICATION: 600 motors

CHALLENGE: The motors face high pressure washdown conditions daily, consisting of bleach and boiling water. Depending on the application, typical motor life was only 3–12 months.

SOLUTION: Transition to Extreme Duck Ultra motors

RESULT: 600 motors, $940,000+ saved in downtime and motor purchases over five years


Bacon Processing Facility

PROCESSES: 3 million pounds of bacon per week

APPLICATION: 26 white epoxy washdown pump motors

CHALLENGE: Washdown conditions include high-pressure spray with high-temperature cleaning solutions once a day. The motors were experiencing high failure rates, with the typical life averaging only 3–4 months.

SOLUTION: Existing motors were replaced with Extreme Duck Ultra motors

RESULT: 26 motors, $64,000+ saved over 3 years




Extreme Duck Ultra Motor

The Extreme Duck Ultra motor stands up to the most demanding high-pressure temperature and dust-penetration environments.

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