Tools & Resources

We offer various on-line tools to help you find the right motor for your application, including a mobile app, on-line order entry, a product search tool and more. 


LEESON Brand Catalog

Thousands of solutions to your needs. One matched perfectly to your needs. This on-line digital catalog includes electric motors, gearmotors and drives, sub-fractional to 700 HP.

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Product Catalog

This feature allows you to search for any LEESON® motor in our product catalog by motor attribute type and value to help find the motor that is right for your application. It incorporates: high-resolution photography PDFs, data-sheets, outline drawings, connection diagrams, certifications, performance curves, 2D CAD, 3D CAD and warranty information.

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On-Line Order Entry

Leebiz LEESON’s e-commerce tool allows you to configure and modify motors, place and track your orders, expedite when necessary. It also allows model searches, product comparisons, and contains motor specifications on a wide array of products.

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Where to Buy

We have one of the largest network of authorized distributors that span the globe offering local inventory, pre- and post- application support along with engineering services and parts.

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Service Center Locator

Our after sales service providers are independent AC and DC motor repair facilities located throughout the world providing in-house and field repaired of low and medium voltage motors along with parts.

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Replacement Product Cross Reference

This feature allows you to input a catalog or model number of a motor you are seeking to replace and find replacement motor options. The attributes of the suggested replacement motors will be shown to support the selection process. If available, the attributes of the motor you are seeking to replace will also be shown.

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Literature Library

Our literature library contains brochures, catalogs and flyers that can be downloaded as PDF files. Some literature is also available in hard copy. Order using the conveniently available online order form found right on the literature page.

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Video Library

Our video library contains product videos and presentations through our YouTube Channel.

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Air-Con Technology

Great products for the HVAC/R industry, including products such as HVAC, Motors, Hot Surface Ignitors, Turbo Capacitors, Sheaves and Belts. You can also find the free MotorAID app and get the Cross-Reference on your iPhone or Android and more.

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CustomPDQ eXPress

We’ve combined our severe duty line of XP motors with our CustomPDQ capability to offer you an unprecedented service - quickly delivered, custom, explosion-proof motors. Whether you need your explosion-proof motor with space heaters, a special shaft or a re-rated nameplate we can get you on the fast track with CustomPDQ eXPress.

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Mobile Apps

Leebiz - Android

The app allows direct access to LEESON®'s on-line business solutions website with full functionality to cross referencing, configurator and order entry.

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Leebiz - iPhone

The app allows direct access to LEESON®'s on-line business solutions website with full functionality to cross referencing, configurator and order entry. Download for iPhone.

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