Premium Duck™ Motor

Premium Stainless Duck


  • 300-series all stainless-steel exterior
  • Moisture-resistant interior coating
  • End shields are O-ring sealed to motor frame
  • Double lipped Viton® shaft seals on both ends of TEFC motors
  • Interior components are coated to protect against corrosion
  • Hydrophobic breather plugs are used on AC designs
  • Inverter-rated IRIS® insulation system— AC designs
  • Meets IP56 enclosure protection
  • Full-fact nameplate is laser etched in the motor frame
  • Shaft grounding ring (SGR) designs available – ½ -2HP
  • 3-year warranty—Premium efficient models 

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  • All stainless-steel exterior for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Windings are immersed and cured in polyester insulating varnish for extra moisture-resistance
  • Removable hydrophobic breather plugs equalize pressure without allowing moisture to enter
  • Viton® O-rings seal the fit between the frame and end shield to exclude moisture and resist harsh chemicals.
  • Laser etched nameplate won’t fade during severe washdowns
  • The exclusive IRIS® Inverter-rated insulation system provides extra protection and long life, especially in inverter-driven applications
Premium Stainless Duck
Premium Stainless Duck
Premium Stainless Duck

The Premium Duck™ motors are built with all stainless steel external components to prevent corrosion and well-sealed against moisture and condensation to protect internal components. The Washguard® Premium Stainless motors are able to withstand the demanding sanitation requirements found in the chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Single and three phase rigid base, C Face footed & footless, jet pump, brake motors, AC/DC and IEC metric designs are available for applications in severe and frequent washdown environments.

Premium Stainless Duck Exploded



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