Platinum e™ Motors and Drives

Platinum e


  • Ultra-efficient design
  • High power density, low weight design
  • Designed with powerful rare earth magnets in rotor
  • Performance matched to PM drive
  • Compact, modular and lighter designs compared to AC induction motors
  • Wide speed range (up to 2000:1 constant torque)
  • Low operating temperature reduces maintenance
  • IP43 ingression protection (rolled steel frame)
  • IP54 ingress protection (cast iron frame)
  • 3-year warranty

  • UL  IRIS


  • Ultra efficient reduces energy consumption, offering utility savings
  • Desired output power in smaller frame sizes
  • Powerful magnets allow motor to operate at higher speed and give better performance
  • Maximum flexibility and easier drive selection with PM drives. Possible use of next lower drive size
  • Compact/lighter designs allows for reduction or elimination of mechanical PT equipment
  • Contributes to lower overall machine weight
    • Simplifies installation
    • Easy to retrofit
  • Optimal performance for constant torque loads
  • Minimized rotor loss to reduce operating temperatures which increases service life

Platinum e
Platinum e
Platinum e
Platinum e

Platinum e™ permanent magnet technology provides energy savings across a broad range of fractional and integral horsepower motors. By reducing rotor losses, the patent-pending radial magnet design improves motor efficiency as well as specific output power. The compact design of Platinum e motors enables easier integration into existing machine designs and processes to optimize system efficiency.

A Platinum e motor paired with a LEESON® VSD or VSD–Plus Series Variable Frequency Drive will help optimize your mechanical systems to achieve maximum output and reduce electrical energy consumption, all to minimize cost of operation. 

Choose the right VSD Solution Matched to your speed and torque control needs.


  Platinum e VSD  Platinum e VSD-Plus 
Design & Delivery  Monolithic single board design  Modular design(complete inverter or components)
Power Range  1/3-3 HP  1/3-30 HP
  • Memory module
  • IT-Grid compatible
  • Integrated EMC filters
  • Zero clearance mounting
  • Form C relay

 In addition to Platinum e VSD:

  • Brake chopper
  • DC bus sharing
  • Dedicated PTC


  • Spring loaded control terminals (fixed)


  • Pluggable control terminal
  • Bi-Polar speed reference
  • 24V keep alive
  • Selectable PNP or NPN logic


  • Additional I/Os
Optional Communication  CanOpen/ Modbus  CanOpen, Modbus, Profibus, EtherCAT, Profinet, EtherNet/IP
Diagnostics  Hot Swappable options: Keypad, USB module, WLAN module, Remote Keypad
Motor Control
  • V/Hz(VFC linear, square & eco)
  • Sensorless vector(SLVC)
  • Sensorless PMAC

  In addition to Platinum e VSD:

  • Closed loop vector control (with 100 kHz HTL)


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