Leeson Passport


  • IP55 weatherproof enclosure
  • D flange (B5) and C flange (B14) models available. Field conversion kits also offered
  • Captive shaft keyway
  • Drilled and tapped shaft
  • Oil seals on both the drive and non-drive end

  • UL  CSA


  • Useable over a wide range of applications
  • Design allows for condensation drainage
  • High efficiency design utilizes low-loss steel laminations for optimum power & performance
  • IP55 weatherproof enclosure allows for use in wide range of applications
  • Non-sparking fan. Small size reduces noise and enhances efficiency
Leeson Passport
Leeson Passport
Leeson Passport

Leeson Passport Exploded

Leeson Passport Exploded

LEESON Passport Series Motors

Stock standard solutions ready to deliver from locations across the country.

IEC Motors Aluminum Frame AC   Frame AC Permanent Magnet AC  Commercial Duty DC  Stainless 
 Range  0.18 kW- 2.2 kW   1.5 kW- 37 kW   0.06 kW- 2.2 kW   0.050 kW- 0.125 kW   0.25 kW- 1.5 kW
 Voltage  230/460 & 575  230/460 & 575  24 & 180 Volts DC  12,24 & 90 Volts DC  230/460Volts
 Speed  2, 4 & 6-Pole  2, 4 & 6-Pole  3000 & 1800 RPM  3000  1800 RPM
 Frequency 60Hz(50 Hz derated to the next lowest HP)  60Hz(50 Hz derated to the next lowest HP)  DC  DC  60Hz(50 Hz derated to the next lowest HP)

 IEC Frame

 63-90  100-250  56, 63, 80, 90, 112  56  71-90
 Mounting Flanges  B3, B5 and B14  B3, B5 and B14  B3, B5 and B14  B14  B5 & B14
 Ambient  40 deg C  40 deg C  40 deg C  40 deg C  40 deg C
 Insulation  Class F Class B Rise  Class F Class B Rise  Class F  Class F  Class F Class B Rise
 NEMA Design B Breakdown Torque  175-300%  175-300%  N/A  N/A  NEMA Design B Breakdown Torque 175-300%
 IEC Design N Breakdown Torque  160-200%  160-200%  N/A  N/A  IEC Design N Breakdown Torque 160-200%
 NEMA Design Lock Rotor Torque  70-275%  70-275%  N/A  N/A  NEMA Design Lock Rotor Torque  70-275%
 IEC Design N Lock Rotor Torque  75-275%  75-275%  N/A  N/A  IEC Design N Lock Rotor Torque 75-275%
 Service Factor  1.15  1.15  1.0  1.0  1.15
 Inverter Duty  10:1  10:1  SCR 10:1  SCR 10:1  6:1
 Warranty  3 Years- Premium Efficient Models   3 Years   1 Year   1 Year   3 Years
 Accessories  B5 & B14 Flange Kits  B5 & B14 Flange Kits  B5 & B14 Flange Kits  N/A  N/A
 Shaft Seals  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Terminals Boards  Yes  Yes  N/A  N/A  N/A
 IP Construction  IP55  IP55  IP54  IP44  IP56 ( encapsulated designs available)
 Efficiency  IE2, IE3 (90 Frame) EPACT and NEMA Premium  IE3 - NEMA Premium  Varies by HP  Varies by HP  Standard and EPACT
 Removable Base  Yes  No  Yes  No Base  No

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