LEESON® Gearmotors

Leeson DC P300

LEESON® Parallel Shaft AC and DC Gearmotors

Parallel shaft gearmotors are available from stock in both AC and DC designs. All parallel shaft gearmotors are designed for reliability and long life. Models ranging from 10 through 1100 inch-pounds are available off-the-shelf from one of our warehouses.

All parallel shaft gearmotors are interchangeable with major brands of gearmotors.

LEESON right-angle gearmotors are rugged and adaptable to meet the needs of industrial applications.

Designed For Heavy-Duty Service

An industrial strength gearing and motor package, designed for reliability and long-life in the toughest applications.

Dependable - DC SCR motors are rated for continuous duty over a 60:1 speed range at constant torque on unfiltered, DC full-wave SCR input. Single phase AC motors are permanent split capacitor type(P240 and AC right-angle gearmotors) or capacitor start(P1100). Three phase P1100, PE350 and inverter duty gearmotors are available from stock; other three phase gearmotor models are available from production. All motors are continuous duty rated with machined fits and ball bearings for demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Pressure - cast aluminum gearboxes - Machined and integrally fitted to the motor. Precision gearing results in minimum noise, maximum load carrying capability. Parallel shaft models combine strength of bronze worm wheels with steel worm shafts.

Oversized brushes on DC motors - Longer life between maintenance cycles and easily accessible via brush covers on sides of motor.

Hardened Steel Output Shafts - With keyway, or with keyway flat, for installation ease.

Reversible Output Shaft On Right-Angle Gearmotors - Easily field convertible from left-hand standard to right-hand output for mounting flexibility.

Leeson AC PE350
Leeson AC RA
Leeson DC LE 0770


Baldor ABB Product LEESON Product
Catalog Number Catalog Number
GM25022 M1145136.00
GCP24020 096002.00
GPP7455 M1135110.00
GPP7450 M1135113.00
GMP3332 096014.00
IDGM2500 M1145131.00
MVM3458C 192028.00
GM3345 M1145116.00
GLP3338 096052.00
GC3320 M1145038.00
GC24305 M1125082.00
Baldor ABB Product LEESON Product
Catalog Number Catalog Number
GC24306 M1125083.00
GC24308 M1125081.00
GC24309 M1125083.00
GC24311 M1125084.00
GC3322 M1145040.00
GCP24022 096003.00
GCP3315 096010.00
GL3326 M1145038.00
GL3327 M1145039.00
GL3328 M1145040.00
GC24313 M1125080.00
Baldor ABB Product LEESON Product
Catalog Number Catalog Number
GL3329 M1145041.00
IDGMP24005 096070.00
IDGMP24010 096069.00
IDGMP25006 096070.00
IDGMP25008 096070.00
IDGMP25011 096069.00
IDGMP25023 096068.00
IDGMP25031 096067.00
IDGMP25033 096067.00
33E747W309G1 096014.00
GC24307 M1125080.00

Baldor is believed to be a trademark or trade name of ABB ASEA Brown Boveri and is not owned or controlled by Regal Beloit Corporation.

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