Perceptiv™ Coupling Installation Returns Navy Ship To Full Steam

Problem Statement

A Navy ship was experiencing coupling failures on a Main Lube Oil Service Pump. While the ship was at sea, the crew installed two competitor couplings only to have them fail shortly after installation.

Solution Description

During a scheduled retrofit and repair stay at the Norfork Virginia Base, the job of replacing the coupling was assigned to a Navy contractor who in turn contacted the Regal’s Kop-Flex® Products Application Engineering Team for recommendations to solve this problem. The drive and pump operate at 34 HP and 1896 RPM. The team recommended a Kop-Flex #103 RZ Vertical Shear Pin coupling for the application. Additionally, Regal’s Perceptiv™ Installation team was requested on site to supervise the alignment and installation of the coupling. Upon arrival, the team measured the alignment of the drive end and the pump and found them to be out of alignment by 0.065”. The expanded process control procedure (ECPC) requires a TIR reading not to exceed 0.001” on the face and 0.005” on the rim. After making several adjustments to the pump side, (no movement was allowed at the drive end), the total face run-out was 0.0001” and 0.0002” on the rim. Several independent inspections (Navy Engineers, Civilian Engineers and the Contractors Engineers) were conducted and all resulted in approvals of the installation.


                                                                                        Available Perceptiv Technologies


Utilize advanced technologies to measure vibration, strain, temperature, power, current, voltage, etc., to determine existing state and measure the effects of changes in products or processes.


Provide installation and commissioning of Regal® Power Transmission Solutions products.



Repair, rebuild or refurbish damaged or worn power transmission products.


Using proprietary algorithms, Perceptiv monitors the performance – reliability – operations of customer equipment to improve total cost of ownership.



Assist customers in reviewing application needs, selecting products, and providing certified layouts and Bills of Material.


On-site, off-site, on-line and/or in-person training to help customers understand products for better application, installation, use, and maintenance to affect their return on investment.



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