Kop-Flex<sup>&reg;</sup> Service Center Coupling Program

Repair Worn Equipment and Save 60% To 90% of the Cost of Buying New

It takes knowledge, experience and the proper facilities to repair a highly engineered product.

Kop-Flex® offers:

  • Engineers and field service specialists that work with your maintenance staff to understand the unique parameters of your application.
  • Inspection reports detailing type of wear and/or damage and recommended action.
  • Exact price quotations• Repair services for other manufacturers’ couplings include recommendations to improve life through design changes and/or material upgrades.
  • Highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Typical savings range from 60% to 90% of the price of a new coupling. Save not only dollars but your precious time as well. Kop-Flex® can often inspect, report, quote, repair and ship back to you within two-six weeks. Kop-Flex® leads the industry in our ability to respond to your repair needs.

Let an expert to provide you with both an analysis and a recommendation

Unfortunately, no mechanical product can last forever and couplings are no exception. While Kop-Flex® products are designed and built to last, many applications are so severe that rapid wear and/or coupling damage may occur.

Kop-Flex® has the largest and most experienced engineering staff in the industry, with an arsenal of modern analysis tools at our disposal including FEA, an in-house R&D center, and a staff focused solely on couplings. Let our technical experts go beyond mere failure analysis by providing our recommendations on how to prevent future coupling problems.

Case Study:

At one major Midwest Gas Plant, our management program has reduced maintenance and spares costs nearly 25%, while at the same time improving reliability and uptime. When you consider the tangible, direct-cost savings, reduced downtime and extended component life, you can see how coming to Kop-Flex® can reward you with big savings.

Kop-Flex Service Centers Offer:

  • Repair and Refurbishment.
  • Expert Failure Analysis.
  • Cost Savings Through Consultation.
  • Field Technical Support.
  • Asset Management Program (AMP).
  • Coupling Reverse Engineering.


High Performance Gear, Disc and Diaphragm

Avoiding Downtime is Critical in High-Performance Environments

  • Kop-Flex® can help you recognize significant savings in these applications
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • Turbo-machinery
  • Gas/steam turbine-driven compressor drive trains
  • Synchronous motor drives
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Generator drives in fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.

Kop-Flex® is the industry authority in turbo-machinery with strong technical representation on API and ISO committees as well as active participation in many technical forums.

Kop-Flex® experts will provide you with objective failure analysis, inspections, and reports. Kop-Flex® team will repair or refurbish any coupling including those manufactured by our competitors and provide you with a warranty and a proactive plan to reduce costs. Our process of inspecting and repairing high-performance couplings is the most extensive in the industry.


High Performance Coupling Inspection and Repair Process

  • Kop-Flex® provides the most extensive evaluation, inspection, and repair service in the industry:
  • Each component is photographed as received for thorough engineering inspection.
  • Couplings are disassembled and all components are tagged.
  • Non-destructive test on torque carrying components is conducted using Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Dye Penetrant and X-ray as required.
  • Kop-Flex® engineers analyze the data and prepare an inspection report detailing findings and offer their expert recommendation on how to refurbish, repair or replace based on the amount of wear and damage.
  • A quotation for performing the work recommended is submitted back to you within two weeks of receiving your coupling in our facility.
  • Couplings will be assembled to original specifications, skimmed at assembly, dynamically balanced to API 671 (ISO 10441) or API610  (ISO 13709) –  component or assembly – as required by the application and your specifications.
  • Quick Turnaround - our complete inventory of flex elements and nitrided gear components speeds the process.

Once we receive your approval and purchase order, we will immediately refurbish or replace parts as required. With our worldwide facilities, we can provide prompt service to any of your operations.



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