Kop-Flex<sup>&reg;</sup> MAX-C<sup>&reg;</sup> Resilient Coupling

The OEM specified coupling on the pinion drive of a rotary kiln was not able to withstand the shock loading, causing the coupling to fail prematurely.

Kop-Flex® Coupling Solution

Kop-Flex was able to provide a coupling solution that would meet the torque, size and misalignment requirements of the application as well as reduce any shock loading during normal kiln operation. Upon investigation of the operating data, it was determined that a size #9 Max -C WB flex rigid coupling with 3/16” limited end float would be needed to accommodate the 13” shaft and 630,250 lb-in torque requirement. The “WB” blocks reduced the shock loading during normal kiln operation.


Motor to pinion coupling on rotary kiln.


Performance efficiency.

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From Kop-Flex® Products

The customer needed a coupling that would handle and help to minimize any shock loading in the drive train to increase overall system reliability.

Size #9 WB Max-C Flex Rigid Coupling

Features and Benefits

  • Elastomer blocks transmit high levels of torque and cushion system shock
  • Low maintenance – never needs lubrication
  • Operates in hot, wet, gritty environments and other difficult conditions
  • Standard warranty period: one year from date of shipment




Three types: select a MAX-C coupling based on your application needs and specific requirements regarding torsional stiffness or damping.


  • Urethane wedged blocks for greater service life
  • High torque ratings and large bore capacity
  • Appropriate for medium shock and general duty industrial applications
  • Can be used as a non-lubricated replacement for many gear couplings
  • Used on electric motor driving cranes, pumps, feed rolls, fans, conveyors, bow thrusters and manipulators
  • Sold from catalog, off-the-shelf with rework or finish bored to order


  • Wedge-shaped natural, nitrile or SBR rubber blocks in various hardness – typically custom engineered per application 
  • Used on synchronous and variable frequency motors driving compressors, kiln drives, steel mill main drives, crushers, ID and FD fans 
  • Wide range of sizes and torque capacities


  • Cylindrical-shaped natural, nitrile or SBR rubber blocks in various hardnesses – typically custom-engineered per application 
  • Used in diesel engines driving generator sets, fire pumps, torque converters, marine drives, drill rigs and main propulsion 
  • Wide range of sizes and torque capacities


MAX-C couplings are also available as a hybrid, combined with features of other types of couplings, such as disc, diaphragm, universal joint or gear couplings.



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