Kop-Flex AK Steel Solution

A Michigan-based steel manufacturing facility installed a new reducer on one of its roughing mills due to damage within the existing reducer. The mill was concerned that the loads transmitted through the gear reducer may have exceeded design limits. In order to prevent damage to the new reducer, they desired to know what the mill’s typical operating loads are.

Browning® Solution

Perceptiv installed torque monitoring equipment on Roughing Mill 1 and Roughing Mill 5 to monitor live torque as the mill operates. The collected data reflects transient (occurring very fast) torque spikes during production. These transient torque spikes may only last milliseconds but can cause damage to equipment and components downstream in the drive train. Additionally, after the new gearbox was installed, the customer requested that the mill continue to be monitored for a period of time to confirm loading of the new gearbox does not exceed the torque rating of the roughing mill.

Estimated Benefit

The data provided to the customer shows the magnitude of any torque spikes that the mill equipment is subjected to during the production of the steel slabs. With this data, the customer can be better equipped to make any necessary changes either to the process or equipment to lower the possibility of future damage or failures leading to production downtime.  

Available Perceptiv Solutions

We combine our extensive electrical and mechanical power transmission product knowledge and our vast application experience with our diagnostic tools and troubleshooting expertise to provide complete technical service to our customers. 

  • DIAGNOSTICS Utilize advanced technologies to measure vibration, strain, temperature, power, current, voltage, etc., to determine existing state and measure the effects of changes in products or processes.
  • REPAIR Repair, rebuild or refurbish damaged or worn power transmission products.
  • DESIGN Assist customers in reviewing application needs, selecting products, and providing certified layouts and Bills of Material.
  • INSTALLATION Provide installation and commissioning of Regal® Power Transmission Solutions products.
  • MONITORING Using proprietary algorithms, Perceptiv monitors the performance – reliability – operations of customer equipment to improve the total cost of ownership.
  • EDUCATION On-site, off-site, online and/or in-person training to help customers understand products for better application, installation, use, and maintenance to affect their return on investment.



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