Improved Fastener Sets for Kop-Flex<sup>&reg;</sup> Gear Couplings

Regal PTS is proud to announce a recent improvement to our flange fastener sets with all-metal, deformed thread locknuts as the new standard for Kop-Flex® gear couplings. This applies to sizes 1-7 of the Fast’s®, Series H, and Waldron® style couplings for both shrouded and exposed fastener types. Deformed thread locknut fastener sets simplify the assembly process, reduce the number of parts needed, and have a higher prevailing torque, which improves performance. This upgrade does not affect form or fit. You do not need to take any action upon receiving this announcement. These new fastener sets have retained the same part number as the previous fastener sets and are stocked in Regal’s warehouses for immediate shipment to your location. They are now also standard when purchasing a new Fast’s®, Series H, or Waldron® coupling.

If you have any questions, please email or call 800-626-2120.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my fastener look different?

Regal PTS now has all-metal, deformed thread locknuts as the new standard for Kop-Flex gear couplings. There are fewer pieces to the fastener to speed up the assembly process. Form and fit have not changed. Functionally, these fasteners offer a stronger hold.



                                Old Style                     New and Improved Style 



 SHROUDED BOLTS – TYPE SB      old style








 EXPOSED BOLTS – TYPE EB  old version EXPOSED BOLTS – TYPE EB  new version 




What actions do I need to take?

You do not need to take any action at this time. These fasteners are stocked in our warehouses and ship with the purchase of a new Fast’s®, Series H, or Waldron® coupling. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service team at or call 800-626-2120.



What part numbers are affected?

See the chart below for the list of affected part numbers.


Current Set Number Product Description
1960962 1 EB FS
1960970 1 1/2 EB FS
1960988 2 EB FS
1960996 2 1/2 EB FS
1961002 3 EB FS
1961010 3 1/2 EB FS
1961028 4 EB FS
1961036 4 1/2 EB FS
1961044 5 EB FS
1961051 5 1/2 EB FS
1961069 6 EB FS
1961085 1 SB FS
1961093 1 1/2 SB FS
 1961101 2 SB FS
 1961119 2 1/2 SB FS
 1961127 3 SB FS
 1961135 3 1/2 SB FS 
 1961143 4 SB FS 
 1961150 4 1/2 SB FS 
 1961168 5 SB FS


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