Waverly® Torque Lube-A Grease

Waverly Torque


The Waverly® Torque Lube-A Grease was developed to solve the special lubrication problems of relatively low speed, highly loaded gear spindle couplings used extensively in metal rolling mills. The Waverly Torque Lube-A grease has consistently provided protection in applications demanding a lubricant with extreme pressure protection, high heat and shock loading, excellent wear protection, and resistance to water washout. This grease is compounded with a concentration of Molybdenum Disulfide and other additives to provide extreme pressure protection. These additives cannot resist the effects of centrifugal forces. Therefore, the Waverly Torque Lube-A grease should not be used in standard couplings.

Features & Benefits:


  • Designed for couplings only.
  • ASTM standard for grease developed by Kop-Flex.
  • Increase life of gear coupling.
  • Only one in the industry with three year standard* warranty on gear coupling with grease only.

Additional Data 


 Container  Unit Wt
 No. of Units
 Part No.
 Pail  40 lb.
 1  Waverly Lube A 40 LB Pail
 Keg  120 lb.
 1  Waverly Lube A 120 LB Keg
 Drum  400 lb.
 1  Waverly Lube A 400 LB Drum
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