Torque Monitoring Systems

Torque Monitoring


This is a performance measuring system designed to measure output power, torque, speed and temperature through monitoring a coupling. The principal behind the POWERLIGN® coupling torque monitoring system is to measure torque deflection on the coupling spacer via sensors. The coupling spacer integrates two sets of intermeshed pick up (gear) teeth. Each set is attached to the ends of the spacer. Two sensors are located over the pick up teeth, at 180° to each other, near the rotating coupling.


Features & Benefits:

  • Digital phase-shift, non-strain gauge system. Simplicity of design and few robust components reduces margin for error - with accuracy within +1%.
  • We will assist you in each step through coupling design, integration and field support. All from a single source for quick integration.
  • There is no electrical power are present in the coupling or in the coupling environment. This makes these safer and more reliable than other torque measuring devices.
  • Compact design with patented Powerwheel technology.
  • Use the stand alone display unit for a seamless integration. It is also possible to connect the Powerlign coupling conditioning unit directly to a DCS like the Emerson Delta V or other DCS protocols.     
  • Significant cost savings - considering that a 40 MW gas turbine consumes $8 Million per year, one percent efficiency equates to $80,000 in annual savings.
  • Aids in environmental compliance efforts by helping to reduce NOx emissions through improved fuel monitoring.
  • Retrofit - for most applications a new spacer with patented Powerwheel can be inserted without disturbing the existing half couplings. Easy to modify coupling guards to include two monopole sensors. Electronics are easy to connect including connecting to your existing DCS system.
  • ATEX, CE and CSA certified.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  •  Driving to driven turbomachinery, such as: 

    -Gas or steam turbine to compressor

-Compressor to compressor

-Motor to compressor

-Turbine to boiler feed pump

-Turbine to generator

  • Test stands
  • Performance testing on-site
  • Expander
  • Gas reinjection
  • Industries: Petrochemical plants, gas pipelines, refineries, LNG, Test stands, Power plants, Energy storage, Marine Propulsion and more.
Torque Monitoring
Torque Monitoring
Torque Monitoring

Additional Data

Capabilities Powerlign  Powerwheel 
Torque No upper limit No upper limit
Speed Typically up to 8,000 rpm Up to 20,000 rpm
Shaft Separation 18 to 48 inches (.5 to 1.2m) 5 to 180 inches(127mm to 4.5m)
Unbalanced Sensitivity For less sensitive For more sensitive
Retrofit Application Well suited Ideal

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