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Client Focused, Solution Oriented

With more customized application designs than any other coupling provider, Kop-Flex® products are engineered to meet API (American Petroleum Institute) 671 (ISO 10441) or API 610 (ISO 13409) or your own specifications. In addition to delivering the most extensive line of couplings in the industry, Kop-Flex® emphasizes solution-based engineering results in new, cutting edge coupling designs to help solve your most demanding application issues.




Thought Leadership

Kop-Flex® leads the coupling market in engineering expertise. With the largest engineering staff in the industry, Kop-Flex® custom designs solutions using the latest CAD, finite element, vibration analysis, and other tools. Kop-Flex® also holds more active patents than any other coupling manufacturer. In the spirit of stewardship and progressive coupling design, Kop-Flex® engineers share leading engineering and design practices through frequent white paper authoring and presentation opportunities in leading international trade journals and conferences like Turbomachinery Symposium, ASME, Turbomachinery International, Compressor Technology, World Pumps and more. The latest papers and information can be viewed at www.kop-flex.com.





Regional Competency Centers and World-Class Service

Kop-Flex® has facilities in the U.S.A. (Baltimore, MD, and Florence, KY), Canada (Toronto) and Europe (Slovakia), in addition to a dedicated service center located in Houston (U.S.A.) The state-of-art, European manufacturing and service center, based in Nove Mesto, Slovakia serves Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our extensive manufacturing and distribution network supports over 3,000 Industrial distributor locations worldwide and also sells directly to OEM’s and end users.





Kop-Flex® has pioneered more products to meet customers’ expectations than any other industry player. For example, when customers demanded a high-performance methodology for monitoring torque, Kop-Flex® created the Powerlign® Performance Torque Monitoring System – the most reliable, accurate system available in today’s marketplace. Kop-Flex® provides a systems solution by packaging torque monitoring (sensors and electronics) with coupling products from a single source. Like the recently launched High-Performance Disc 2.0 Coupling, which provides best in class coupling weight for given bore size, innovative new products help Kop-Flex® meet customers’ challenges today and tomorrow.

Repair worn equipment and save 60% to 90% of the cost of buying new


It takes knowledge, experience, and proper facilities to repair a highly engineered product. Kop-Flex® offers:


  • Engineers and field service specialists that work with your maintenance staff to understand the unique parameters of your application.
  • Inspection reports detailing the type of wear and/or damage and the recommended action.
  • Exact price quotations.
  • Repair services for other manufacturers’ couplings include recommendations to improve life through design changes and/or material upgrades.
  • Highly skilled and experienced technicians.

High-Performance Coupling inspection and repair process



Kop-Flex® provides the most extensive evaluation, inspection, and repair service in the industry:


  • Each component is photographed as received for thorough engineering inspection.
  • Couplings are disassembled and all components are tagged.
  • Non-destructive test on torque carrying components is conducted using Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Dye Penetrant and X-ray as required.
  • Kop-Flex® engineers analyze the data and prepare an inspection report detailing findings and offer their expert recommendation on how to refurbish, repair or replace based on the amount of wear and damage.
  • Couplings will be assembled to original specifications, skimmed at assembly, dynamically balanced to API 671 (ISO 10441) or API610 (ISO 13709) – component or assembly – as required by the application and your specification.


The World Leader in
Power Transmission Couplings


Singled out...

as your one source for integrated torque meter coupling solutions.

Only one company stands out among all others to provide you high performance,
reliable torque meter coupling solutions. Kop-Flex® is your only source for coupling
solutions that deliver unequaled accuracy and reliability. 

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