Cooling Tower Elastomeric Couplings



KD 33 developed particularly for cooling tower applications. The drive shaft is a corrosion-resistant, lightweight composite tube of either special fiberglass or carbon graphite fibers. It is engineered to provide the optimal combination of strength and bending stiffness required of cooling tower couplings.

The coupling hubs, adapters, disc packs and hardware are all stainless steel for high strength and corrosion resistance. The unitized disc packs are capable of up to ½ degrees continuous misalignment. This provides trouble-free operation using close tolerance bolts and standard drive shaft dynamic balance.


Features & Benefits:

  • Sizes 153 - 253.
  • Max. bores to 3.75".
  • Designed for cooling tower drive applications.
  • Composite tubes for low weight and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel metal components.
  • Drop-out unitized disc packs.

Additional Data 

 Max. Bore(inches)
 Coupling Rating HP/100 RPM
 Torque Rating(in-lb) Continuous
 Torque Rating(in-lb) Peak  Nominal Tube Dia. (in)
Composite Tube Material
 Maximum DBSE 1800 RPM(in)  Maximum DBSE 1500 RPM(in) 
 153  2.38  12.5  7880  15760  4  E-Glass  96  105
           4  Carbon  130  141
 203  3.00  22.9  14400  28800  6  E-Glass  118  128
           6  Carbon  160  172
 253  3.75  37.5  23600  47200  6  E-Glass  118  128
           6  Carbon  160  172

Data shown is for reference only, consult Kop-Flex for catalog detail.




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