Wind Power Drives

For over 50 years Jaure® couplings have been leading on the market. We provide tailored solutions that bring innovation to your applications.

Latest generation coupling solutions for the Wind Industry. Highly reliable couplings that respond to the most demanding requirements during the entire lifetime of Wind Turbines, lowering its total COE. Jaure products offer the widest range of solutions and technologies available in the market.


Highly flexible and corrosion-free COMPOLINK. 

Composite Link coupling for high misalignment and long service life.

The Jaure composite link coupling is the result of combining the best features found in steel disc and elastomeric couplings. This coupling was specially designed for Modern Wind Turbine applications and is the result of our extensive knowledge and experience with composite materials. High misalignment capacity, high torsional stiffness and a long service life without any maintenance requirement make the COMPOLINK a unique coupling for windmills, especially for MMw and offshore applications. COMPOLINK couplings are being used successfully both onshore and offshore in turbines of up to 7 MW.


Maintenance-free All-steel LAMIDISC.

Non lubricated torsionally stiff all-steel disc pack coupling.

We have manufactured Jaure LAMIDISC couplings for many years and many different applications. LAMIDISC couplings are high torque density couplings that offer a very compact solution in certain Wind Turbine designs. The LAMIDISC coupling requires no lubrication or maintenance, and it has no backlash (torsionally stiff). Special coatings protect the disc-pack from corrosion, and LAMIDISC couplings can be combined with composite tubes instead of a steel spacer in applications where electrical insulation is required.

Ixiflex® Rubber-Link Type Coupling 

Bidirectional IXILFLEX Coupling for high misalignment.

The IXILFLEX link type coupling absorbs the misalignment through bushes that are linked to alternate flanges. Those bushes are made through the vulcanization of rubber to metal parts under high precompression. IXILFLEX bidirectional couplings offer high misalignment capacity with very low restoring forces. Rubber elements can be inspected visually and they allow an easy replacement of the flexible elements if necessary. Thousands of IXILFLEX couplings have been installed in different Wind Turbines in the 300KW-3MW range with great success and keep running smoothly after many years of service.

JFTL Friction Torque Limiters

JFTL Torque Limiters for Drive Train Protection.

Torque limiters to protect the drive train from peak torques.

Protection of the complete drive train from peak loads coming from the generator has been a requirement for most of the mainstream wind turbines in the market during the last decade. This has been typically accomplished through the integration of a Torque Limiter into the HSS coupling.The Jaure JFTL Torque Limiter was developed to help guarantee the required high accuracy and reliability of a torque limiter used in modern wind turbines.

MT Gear Coupling

MT series of extremely compact Gear couplings or LS applications.

Very compact gear couplings for Wind Turbine applications.

Modern Wind turbines are required to be extremely reliable for the duration of their lifetime, which requires testing all equipment under the most severe conditions in very sophisticated test benches. As a leading supplier of Wind Industry Test Benches, Jaure provides highly engineered solutions for both the LS and HS shafts. Extensive knowledge, a wide product portfolio and close cooperation with engineers at the forefront of the Test Bench Industry all contribute to our success story. Windmill couplings typically combine all components of HSS couplings, such as torque limiters (JFTL), brake disc, spacers (electrically insulating available), with different types of connections to the shafts, offering a complete package to fit each specific wind turbine. Our program includes torsionally flexible and torsionally rigid couplings, covering the whole range of power from 300 Kw up to 7 Mw (and beyond) at all speeds (HS, MS and LS).

Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash or a solution that can handle a continuous washdown 24/7, Regal washdown industrial-duty motors can take it. Choose a solution that's USDA approved. FDA approved, BISSC certified, or has an IP69 enclosure protection, to name a few.

Motors constructed to meet varying application needs ranging from automotive duty, aggregate duty, air compressors, pressure washers, unit handling, to woodworking motors and more.

Permanent Magnet (PM) or Electronically Commutated motors (EC) designed for air handling and pump applications. These motors offer higher efficiency when compared to traditional radial induction motors

Specialized motors for the pumping industry featuring jet pump, JM and JP pump, carbonator pump, and fire pump motors with variations for washdown applications or explosion proof environments.

Designed for use where special voltages are required including 575V, 200/400V, or 50Hz commonly found in pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, or other industrial applications.

Inverter or vector duty motor designed for use in constant torque speed control applications found on conveyors, material handling, pumps, and fans. Models feature varying speed ranges including 4:1, 10:1, 1000:1, and 2000:1 and offer encoders or encoder provisions.



NEMA is believed to be the trademark and/or trade name of National Electrical Manufacturers Association and is not owned or controlled by Regal Beloit Corporation.

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