RECORD Couplings



The Jaure® Record® coupling is made up of two discs that get wider towards the coupling’s center with carved slots for the spring or the flexible element. The spring is maintained and protected by a metallic crankcase full of special grease.


Under weak loads, the hairsprings of zig-zag spring are hardly distorted. The maximum distance between the hairspring support points produces an elastic transmission between the driving force and the driven element. When the load increases, the hairsprings of the zig-zag spring bend appreciably. This makes the distance between the support points smaller. Consequently, the coupling is more rigid at that moment. Under unexpected overload, the deformity of the spring reaches its maximum value. The couplings can keep bearing bigger overloads despite having lost the elastic properties.

Features and Benefits:

The Jaure grid coupling has a perfect axial, radial and angular flexibility:

  • It corrects the shaft alignment without creating transversal reactions
  • It absorbs torsion knocks and oscillations
  • It absorbs axial drives
  • It compensates angular misalignments up to 1º15’ and radial misalignments from 0,5 to 3mm depending on the size

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