Jaure® MMD, MMG and RB Heavy Duty Elastic

Jaure MMD, MMG and RB Heavy Duty Elastic


The torsionally flexible MMD and MMG couplings provide axial, radial and angular flexibility. Designed as claw couplings, they are positive locking and fail-safe. This is in conjunction with transmission elements that are subjected to compression. All MMD and MMG couplings have progressive torsional characteristics and excellent damping properties. This is so that shock loads are absorbed quickly. All coupling types allow the changing of the flexible transmission elements. There is no need for axial movement of a coupled machine part.


  • MMD: The standard type is equipped with two identical coupling hubs. The transmission elements are fixed in recesses.
  • During torque transmission, two elements are always subjected simultaneously to compression by one coupling claw.
  • The MMD coupling series includes an extremely compact design and also offers a high transmission rate. It is made of spheroidal cast iron as a standard.
  • The coupling halves can be made either in carbon or alloy steel to allow higher interference or lower keyway stresses.
  • MMG: The MMG series comprises large couplings for torques up to 630.000 Nm.
  • The separate retaining cap allows radial fitting of the flexible elements. This eliminates the need for axial movement of a coupled machine part.
  • Again, the screwed connection of the retaining cap is not involved in torque transmission.

Benefits : MMD and MMG couplings

  • Withstands high overloads.Are well suited as plug-in type couplings.
  • Allow prompt and easy radial change of the flexible elements.
  • Ensure ease of assembly and alignment.
  • Are maintenance-free.
  • Are available in many different types and are adaptable as special designs to almost every type of requirement.

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