JCFS Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts



Jaure® carbon fiber shaft lines are analyzed by specific composite software which is based on FEA. Additionally, Jaure collaborates with R&D laboratories and Composite Engineering companies.

In addition to our testing procedures, the actual shafts are also tested at our facilities in compliance with Classification Society's requirements. During the design phase, several factors are analyzed, including:

  • Dimension of the carbon fiber tubes for the transmittable torque
  • Whirling speed
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Composite/steel bolted connection


Jaure carbon fiber shaft lines usually include flexible and rigid couplings. This will offer a complete package to fit specific project requirements.

  • Weight reduction: depending on the shaft line configuration, steel shaft lines are approximately 50-70% heavier.
  • There are longer distances between the bearings, which reduces their quantity and simplifies the shaft line layout.
  • Temperature stability (almost null thermal expansion) avoids misalignment concerns on long shaft lines.
  • As carbon fiber tubes are not affected by corrosion or wear, no maintenance is required and service life is longer.

Due to our continuous development and customer requirements, Jaure developed the Carbon Fiber Shafts (JCFS).

In the marine industry, Jaure provides carbon fiber shaft lines and couplings for propulsion and maneuvering.

This covers the waterjet/pumpjet, propeller and thruster applications. Our customized solutions are also addressed to dredging or winch projects. Our manufacturing program covers a complete range in power and speed. We continue to develop new products for future challenges. The marine market is one of Jaure's strategic fields of activity. They have been fully committed to this market for many years.

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