Jaure® branded couplings are considered a leader in the European marketplace. They are highly engineered for industries ranging from steel, paper, hoisting to windmills and marine applications.

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Gear Couplings

<p>Jaure<sup>&reg;&nbsp;</sup>products offer the widest range of gear couplings, with no limit in sizes. Available with multiple different seal features and lubrication capacities. Available with alloy and nitride gearing to increase strength and extend wear.</p>

Coupling Components and Accessories

<p>Components and accessories include hubs, sleeves, fastener sets, disc packs, grease, inserts, plates, seals, spacers, bushings, high torque nuts and more. </p>

COMPOLINK<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

Jaure® COMPOLINK® couplings are the result of combining the best features found in steel disc and elastomeric couplings.

Hydraulic Shaft Couplings

Jaure® has supplied the JHC coupling since 2003. This coupling uses the same principle of the oil injection method. One advantage is that it is equipped with a built-in device for an easier installation and removal.

IXILFLEX<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

The IXILFLEX® coupling is a link type coupling which absorbs misalignment through bushes linked to alternate flanges. These bushes are produced through the vulcanization of rubber to metal parts under high precompression.

JAUFLEX<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

JAUFLEX® couplings use an elastomeric element that provides the required torsional flexibility for smooth torque transmission. With the proper selection of the element type and coupling size, all shocks or torsional vibration at the driven shaft can be avoided.

Jaure<sup>&reg;</sup> GS Gear Spindles

A gear coupling is one of the simplest and most common types in use today. It is also one of the most difficult to design and evaluate due to the number of variables. These can include tooth design, material, and lubrication, all of which can affect its successful operation.

Jaure<sup>®</sup> JS Coupling Nuts

Jaure® has developed special nuts to reduce the tightening torque to be applied to Jaure® LAMIDISC disc couplings. These are specially indicated for medium to high torque ratings.

JSS Steel Drive Shafts

JSS Steel drive shafts are supplied by Jaure® for conventional propeller propulsion between the main engine and the gearbox.

Jaure<sup>®</sup> MT Marine Gear Couplings

The primary purpose of Jaure® MT marine gear couplings is for main propulsion & maneuvering of vessels. However, they can also be used in dredging and electrical winches.

Jaure<sup>&reg;</sup> Shear Types

Jaure® provides a range of safety couplings to prevent the equipment from damage coming from torque overload. The disconnect between driving and driven equipment can be produced by means of shear pins, shear spacers or hydraulic disconnect device (Safeset®, trademark for Voith).

JCFS Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts

Our manufacturing program covers a complete range in power and speed. We continue to develop new products for future challenges. The marine market is one of Jaure's® strategic fields of activity. They have been fully committed to this market for many years.

JFTL Friction Torque Limiters

Jaure® JFTL torque limiters were first introduced in wind turbines. They were used to protect the drive from peak torques coming from short circuits of the generator. In the last years JFTL torque limiters have also been supplied for other industries such as cooling towers. JFTL torque limiters automatically reengage and are factory assembled and calibrated to the required slipping torque.

JGFS Glass Fiber Drive Shafts

High electrically insulated JGFS glass fiber drive shafts have been making inroads for over 10 years. They have been doing so in industries such as wind turbines, cooling towers, paper mills, or test benches.

LAMIDISC<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

LAMIDISC® disc couplings are non-lubricated, torsional stiff disc pack couplings that compensate for axial, angular, and radial misalignment. They are an excellent choice for the aggregate, crane, marine, metals, and mining industries.

MT Couplings

The Jaure® MT coupling is a steel double-joint coupling. Main function is to transmit torque and at the same time accommodate the misalignment between two shafts through sliding of the mating gears.

Other Drive Shaft Components

Jaure® flexible couplings and drive shafts can be integrated with other components.

PLMT Flanged Rigid Couplings

Jaure® PLMT couplings consist of two rigid flanges connected by means of bolts to couple the driver and driven machines. It is available both in carbon steel and alloy steel (heavy duty type) versions.

RECORD<sup>&trade;</sup> Couplings

This RECORD coupling is made up of two discs that get wider towards the coupling’s center with carved slots for the spring or the flexible element. The spring is maintained and protected by a metallic crankcase full of special grease.

BARFLEX<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

The TCBR barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and a hub having the same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by this hub and sleeve toothing to act as power transmission elements.

Wear Indicator

The Jaure® electronic wear indicator allows the user to monitor wear remotely. It can be connected to the operators control system or to an optional display unit. This allows continuous or periodic monitoring of the barrel coupling wear.

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