JAURE® Couplings Program: HSS and LSS solution

Jaure HSS and LSS series couplings provide solutions to meet customer requirements for crane & hoisting applications. The product offering includes various types of flexible couplings such as MT gear, Lamidisc® disc pack, and Jauflex® elastic couplings with brake disc or drum, as well as TCB® and TCB-HD barrel couplings.





Complete Solutions For Cranes & Hoisting Projects

JAURE Electronic Wear Indicator

The Jaure coupling full package solution for cranes & hoisting is completed with the addition of an electronic indicator to remotely monitor wear. The electronic wear indicator can be connected either to the operator’s control system or to an optional display unit to allow continuous or periodic wear monitoring of the Jaure TCB / TCB-HD barrel coupling. 




  • Real-time wear indicator: shows real progressive wear magnitude against wear limit.
  • Reliable and accurate wear value, even in maximum misalignment working conditions.
  • Gives alarm once maximum wear limit is reached.
  • Can give a direct signal to crane PLC.
  • Can be placed inside crane control panel.
  • Positively tested in a very dusty working atmosphere.


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