Grove Gear in action

Grove Gear Animation

  1. IEC and NEMA C input flange with push-off holes for quick motor removal on quill input styles.
  2. Seal Guard on quill-input styles protects input seal from damage during motor installation.
  3. Bronze alloy worm gear is premium quality bronze for maximum strength, lubricity and superior life. 
  4. O-Rings on Input and Output covers eliminate gaskets, sealants and leaks.
  5. Single-Piece, Alloy Steel Input Worm Shaft. High lead angle-worm is case-hardened, ground and polished for enhanced efficiency and noise reduction.
  6. Oversized Positively Retained High Speed Input Shaft Bearing for higher shock load capacity, shaft alignment and seal life. Ideal for frequent starting and reversing applications.
  7. Tapered roller bearings on output shaft.
  8. High capacity Oil Reservoir factory filled with premium Mobil® Glygoyle® 460 polyalkalene glycol (PAG) lubricant.
  9. Viton® Premium Quality, Double Lip Seals throughout — on micro-finished surfaces — mean extended life, resistance to high temperature, abrasion and chemicals.
  10. Robust Output Shaft of high strength steel alloy for superior torque and overhung load capacities.
  11. One-Piece Housing with single output cover design. Available in cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel.


The following are believed to be the trademarks and/or trade names of their respective owners and are not owned or controlled by Regal Beloit Corporation.
Glygoyle and Mobil: Exxon Mobil Corporation; Viton: The Chemours Company FC, LLC


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