Custom Solutions

Grove Gear® brand offers unparalleled capabilities for custom solutions. From inexpensive designs to elaborate transmissions, miniature integral gearmotors to gearboxes rated for 1,000 HP, Grove Gear can solve the toughest power transmission needs. The process starts with application review and design by qualified engineers and progresses efficiently to manufacturing and testing.


Need a custom gear reducer or gear box? Click on the button below and fill out the form to get a customized quote from the experts at Regal. Send your completed forms via email to:



Design and engineering support

  • Full support of engineering team.
  • The latest in CAD Systems.
  • Current software helps engineers identify customer solutions.



  • 200 qualified and highly trained employees
  • The latest machine technology
  • Lean manufacturing and six sigma focus
  • 67 Machining Centers
  • Operations completed inhouse include Turning, Gear Cutting, Grinding, Milling, Heat Treat and Harding, Nitriding & Carburizing.


Quality and testing

  • SPC Processes
  • ISO Certified
  • Sophisticated test laboratories insure each gear meets high quality standards
  • Dedicated gear checking equipment
  • Measuring instruments are regularly checked against calibrated and certified masters to maintain accuracy and reliability

Housing capabilities

  • Cast Iron
  • Die Cast Aluminum
  • Sand Cast Aluminum
  • Cast Iron & Molded Rubber
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polymer


Gearing Options

  • Spurs & Helicals
  • Worm & Worm Gears
  • Bevel Gears — Spiral, Hypoid & Straight
  • Internal Gears — Planetary

Sample Custom Gearing Solutions

 Grove Gear 2  Grove Gear 7  Grove Gear 10
  Application:  Aerial Lifts   Application: Boat Lifts   Application:  Boat Lifts
  Gearing Type:  Helical   Gearing Type  Helical Worm Design in One Housing   Gearing Type:  Worm
  HP Rating:  1/2   HP Rating:  2   HP Rating:  2
  Housing Material:  Sand Cast Aluminum   Housing Material:  Sand Cast Aluminum   Housing Material:  Sand Cast Aluminum
  Physical Size:  13.5” x 8” x 5.5”   Physical Size:  8” x 9” x 13”   Physical Size:  8” x 5” x 3”
  Total Ratio:  37:1   Total Ratio:  165:1 and 300:1   Total Ratio:  50:1 and 60:1
 Grove Gear 4  Grove Gear 3  Grove Gear 5
 Car Washes
  Application:  Car Washes   Application:  Commercial Laundry Equipment
  Gearing Type:  Worm   Gearing Type:  Worm   Gearing Type:  Helical
  HP Rating:  3/4   HP Rating:  3/4   HP Rating:  20
  Housing Material:  Sand Cast Aluminum   Housing Material:  Sand Cast Aluminum   Housing Material:  Cast Iron
  Physical Size:  6” x 8” x 12”   Physical Size:  6” x 8” x 12”   Physical Size:  10” x 19” x 20”
  Total Ratio:  20:1   Total Ratio:  20:1   Total Ratio:  25:1
 Grove Gear 6  Grove Gear 8  Grove Gear 11
  Application:  Conveyors   Application:  Conveyor Drive in Steel Mill   Application:  Dock Locking Device
  Gearing Type:  Worm   Gearing Type:  Helical   Gearing Type:  Worm Gearing with Slip Clutch
  HP Rating:  1/4 to 1   HP Rating:  20   HP Rating:  1/4
  Housing Material:  Cast Iron   Housing Material:  Cast Iron   Housing Material:  Die Cast Aluminum
  Physical Size:  4.5” x 5.5” x 5.5”   Physical Size:  11” x 13” x 16”   Physical Size:  8.5” x 4.5” x 6”
  Total Ratio:  5:1 to 60:1   Total Ratio:  6:1   Total Ratio:  30:1
 Grove Gear 13  Grove Gear 12  Grove Gear 1
  Application:  Food Processing Equipment   Application:  Stair Lift   Application:  Winches & Hoists
  Gearing Type:  Helical   Gearing Type:  Worm   Gearing Type:  Worm
  HP Rating:  15   HP Rating:  1/2   HP Rating:  1/2
  Housing Material:  Stainless Steel   Housing Material:  Sand Cast Aluminum   Housing Material:  Die Cast Aluminum
  Physical Size:  11”x 9” x 13.5”   Physical Size:  12” x 10” x 6”   Physical Size:  6” x 6” x 5”
  Total Ratio:  2.2:1   Total Ratio:  50:1   Total Ratio:  Up to 90:1
 Grove Gear 9  
  Application:  X-Ray Machine  
  Gearing Type:  Spur / Planetary  
  Housing Material:  Aluminum & Molded Rubber  
  Physical Size:  11” x 13” x 16”  

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