With Pika’s flexibility of multiple control inputs and mounting options, it will be the perfect fit to replace low output PSC or BLDC motors in your application.
The motor will be commonly used in HVAC units in commercial and residential buildings.
Pika will launch as the first genteq field adjustable motor. OEM’s can choose to give installers or contractors the option to modify the factory programmed settings to perfect the air flow throughout the building system to create perfect air flow balance.



  • Rating at 1/4HP, 1600 RPM
  • Constant torque and constant speed operation
  • Separate 115/230V & 277V models
  • Full variability with PWM input or 4 - 24VAC discrete taps
  • Resin over-molded stator construction
  • Mount with standard 42Fr Belly or Resilient Cradle Base
  • Approximately 4" motor/control length with 5.0” diameter over mounting hubs
  • Single or Dual shaft (Integrated Control)
  • cURus approved



  • BLDC motor for PSC or BLDC typically "42-frame" size replacement
  • Flexible with multiple mounting schemes
  • Potted for high moisture / pull through applications
  • Dual shaft with integrated controls so no need to mount controls separate
  • ECM Toolbox Programmable - reduce multiple PSC SKU's into 1
  • Ease of installation with field adjustable constant torque for modification option in final installation



  • # of discrete settings reduced to 3
  • Place between system power supply and motor and apply 24V signal to the secondary lead set
  • Select the appropriate tap
  • Toggle between Run and Adjust mode
  • Adjust output up/down on the fly
  • Remove line voltage and LED will indicate a success re-program



Building systems such as:

  • Commercial variable air volume (VAV)
  • Fan filter units (FFU), PTAC, Fan coil units


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