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Forward curved HEB & DEC Star blowers provide up to 2600cfm. Available in a wide range of wheel diameters and widths, these blowers combine the proven Genteq ECM technology with meticulously engineered blower housings and wheels to provide an all in one solution that can cover a wide range of applications and help meet challenging efficiency regulations.



  • Heavy duty welded aluminum steel is standard on blower assembly
  • ECM Toolbox based programming
  • Low profile to fit most applications



  • Improves Heat Transfer and reduces hot spots
  • Reduces pressure drop across appliance
  • Saves from 10% to 30% of the watts as compared to standard technology blowers.
  • Sound quality is equal or superior to standard technology blower stems.


Design Toolbox


Our Design Toolbox software can help select the right blower for your application. Search by airflow, static pressure, and size. 

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Multiple options available with proven Genteq EC Motors. Our DEC Star blower provides the widest range of performance in the smallest package with our proprietary axial motor technology. Our HEB blower is offered with the efficient EnduraPro motor or the constant airflow capabilities of our EON motor. Find the solution that best fits your application.


  HEB with EnduraPro
HEB with EON  DEC Star
Horsepower Range 1/3HP - 1HP 1/3HP - 1HP 1/2HP - 3/4HP
Max Speed (RPM) 1200 400 1400
Single Voltage Available 115, 240, 277, 460    
Dual Voltage Available   120/240 120/240
Tri Voltage Available   120/240/277 120/240/277
Sound Reduction 
(Vs Competetion)
2 dBA 2 dBA 4 dBA
PWM Input (24v)
Constant Torque Control
Constant Airflow Control  
Reduced Width     3/4" Smaller
Extended Range     Upto Extra 0.5in WG

Performance Specifications

  • Airflow Range from 200-2600 cfm (varies by model)
  • Speed Range from 600-1200 RPM
  • Reach up to 2.75 inWG of Static Pressure
  • 80% Peak Efficiency Motor
  • UL & cUL Recognized Motors
  • 9”, 10”, 11” Wheel Diameters Available
  • 4” – 11” Blower Widths Available



  • Air Handlers & Furnaces
  • DOAS Units
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • VAV Units and Terminal Boxes
  • Single Pack Vertical Units
  • Fan Coils
  • Biomedical Vent Hoods


Learn more about our HEB and DEC Star



Genteq Blowers
Genteq Blowers
Genteq Blowers

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