DEC Star® Blower

DEC Star


DEC Star® blower is the first product to bring together High Efficiency Blower (HEB) Housing, Axial Flux (No Shaft) BLAC Motor, and Variable Speed ECM Technology into one innovative assembly. Delivering higher efficiency, improved airflow, and lower maintenance costs clearly demonstrates that you can do more with less.


Regal continues to develop new, market leading technology that helps the HVAC industry meet ever increasing governmental regulations and homeowner's need for lower operating costs. DEC Star® blower represents the first member of a new family that will transform the HVAC industry and creates the new standard for efficiency and optimization.


Dec Star Revolutionary Blower/Motor System


Your chance to take a good look at the biggest thing to happen to motors since we introduced ECM technology.


Dec Star Blower
Dec Star 1
Dec Star 2
Dec Star 3
Dec Star 4




  • High Efficiency Blower (HEB) housing with impeller driven by Axial Flux BLAC motor with full featured Sinusoidal EON motor control technology
  • 10" and 9" diameter wheel with various widths available
  • 2 Patents issued on the unique geometry blower. Other patents pending on the Halo motor system
  • Operating speed range of 250 - 1400 rpm
  • 4 pin Serial, and 16 pin Thermostat and PWM input to control
  • Variable speed, constant torque/ constant airflow ECM
  • 120/240/277 and 120/240 VAC single-phase input, 50/60Hz
  • UL® & cUL recognized system


Features & Benefits:


  • Motor system has a shaft-less rotor system that allows the impeller to be hub-less
  • Standard Triangle motor mounts with welded on brackets support the motor
  • Heavy duty welded aluminum steel is standard on blower assembly
  • Uses proven industry standard impellers
  • Typically fits same mounting as existing blower
  • 6kV surge protection
  • ECM Toolbox based programming
  • Reach the next SEER level
  • Unique blower system removes motor from blower inlet eliminating restriction and improving system efficiency
  • Patented HEB design provides blower housing the ability to deliver ultimate CFM for input watts
  • Uniform airflow - same on both sides of blower unlike traditional systems with motor restricting one side of blower
  • Improves Heat Transfer and reduces hot spots
  • Reduces pressure drop across appliance
  • Air Handlers - Blower system reduces Velocity Head Losses creating system savings highlighted in these low pressure applications
  • Furnaces - Large exhaust, low inlet restriction and balanced uniform flow improves heat transfer characteristics and reduces pressure loss




  • Residential indoor air handlers, furnaces, packaged units and Geothermal units
  • Light commercial VAV, SPVU, packaged units


Technical Support:

For Technical Support, please call 1-866-503-8566, Option 3 for any technical inquiries or sample requests.


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