Evergreen® Motors and Control Modules

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Genteq® Evergreen® motors are the smartest choice in the aftermarket, offering ECM replacement with minimal inventory burden, fast and easy installation, and energy savings, which in turn increases the value for the dealer, installer and homeowner. Convert your truck from 32 PSC motors to 3 ECM motors!

Evergreen® VS Motors

The Evergreen® VS Motor and Evergreen VS user interface are designed to replace Genteq® constant airflow (variable speed) ECM indoor blower motors. The Evergreen® VS product line is designed specifically to replace model 2.0, Genteq models 2.3, Eon® and 3.0 motors.

Evergreen® CM Motors

The Evergreen® CM motor, or commercial building series VAV box replacement motor, is designed to replace OEM constant torque ECM indoor blower motors such as Genteq® X13® and Endura® Pro motors. 

Evergreen® EM Control Modules

The Evergreen® EM control module can be used to replace ECM control modules for Genteq® X13®, Endura® Pro and Evergreen® EM motors.

Evergreen® EM Motors

The Evergreen® EM motor is designed to replace OEM constant torque ECM indoor blower motors such as Genteq® X13® and Endura® Pro motors.

Evergreen® IM Motors

The Evergreen® IM is an ECM designed to replace an existing PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor), direct drive, indoor blower motor. It is constructed with more than 20 years of proven ECM technology and reliability.

Evergreen® InTune® WIFI Programmer

The InTune® WIFI programmer provides wireless connection from a smart phone to applicable stock Evergreen motors for real-time adjustment of the motor's operating point. 

Evergreen® OM Motors

The Evergreen® outdoor motor, also known as Evergreen® OM motor, is designed to replace induction motors (shaded pole or PSC) in outdoor fan motors in HVAC systems.

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