Our FOOTE-JONES® power transmission component offering has the industry's broadest selection of gear products that includes a complete line of speed reducers, gear-motors, worm and helical reducers, shaft mounts, parallel shaft, right angle gear reducers, custom gearing, and engineered specials.


The FOOTE-JONES<sup>&reg;</sup> gearing product line includes large scale capacity concentric helical drives, worm gear drives, shaft mounts, parallel shaft and spiral bevel gear drives. Specialized gear drives such as sludge collector drives for wastewater applications and a wide range of custom gear drives round out the FOOTE-JONES<sup>&reg;</sup> gearing product scope.

LINE-O-POWER<sup>&reg;</sup> Concentric Reducers

These modular geared speed reducers are rugged and high capacity products that will provide long life and dependable performance. Many of these models are available on the Fast-Foote quick ship program.

MAX-POWER<sup>&trade;</sup> Parallel Shaft & Right Angle Reducers

MAX-POWER gear reducers make up the team of heavyweights in the line of FOOTE-JONES® geared speed reducers. Subdivided into Parallel Shaft Drives and Right Angle Reducers, the family of MAX-POWER gear reducers boasts power ratings of up to 5000 HP.

Sludge Collector Drives

Dependability and reliability are paramount in the waste water treatment industry. Foote-Jones® sludge collector drives are designed and constructed with top quality materials and technology that have stood the test of time. Multiple configurations are available to fit single drag chain, dual drag chain and cross collector applications.

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