Upgrading From a Single Speed Motor to a Variable Speed Pump Motor

Redefine the Standard With Bolt on Variable Speed Technology From Century Electric Motors

What if upgrading from a single speed to variable speed could be as simple as bolting on a new motor? Retrofit variable speed replacement motors, like the Century VGreen motor, provide simple bolt on upgrade capabilities for most applications allowing easy conversion from single speed to variable speed without plumbing or pump modifications. Even better, the VGreen motor is compatible with existing digital and mechanical timers or controllers.  This means no modifications to the existing equipment are required, making installation a breeze. Simply reconnect your motor leads from the existing single speed motor to the easy to access top side VGreen terminal connections, program and press start. Job complete!

Wouldn’t it be nice to put more time back into your schedule? The VGreen motor offers flexibility as a universal replacement option. In most cases keeping two models on hand (one square and one round flange) makes the difference between having a motor for the job or making a return trip to the job. The VGreen motors fit a wide range of pumps up to 2.70 total horsepower without changing the existing impeller.  Load sensing technology eliminates overheating and tripping issues by derating rpm in an overload event versus standard replacement motors cycling or tripping overload protectors.  Your customers will appreciate the quick response, increased reliability and the added benefit of their new quiet, energy efficient motor.

When replacing a failed pool pump motor, proper selection of the replacement motor is imperative to ensure fit and that it’s capable of carrying the load of the motor it is replacing. With a traditional single-speed induction motor, finding the appropriate cross reference replacement can be challenging when aligning amperage, horsepower, voltage, flange, shaft and many other requirements.  The VGreen motors are easy to select for replacement as they come in all popular flange configurations, in both 115 and 230 volts and due to the motor’s ability to acclimate to the pump’s operating conditions.

VGreen features rugged totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) construction and leading ECM controlled permanent magnet variable speed technology.  This design allows the motor to operate cooler, quieter and save the pool owner up to 80% on energy costs.  The longer life of this replacement motor coupled with the substantial energy savings can pay for the motor in as little as a year.

With the VGreen motor there are no additional adapters or expensive wiring harnesses required to operate with existing timers or control systems.  Utilizing existing timers to cycle power to the VGreen motor establishes a daily start time while ensuring your filter pump motor stays in sync with existing salt chlorine generators and booster pump timers.  Additionally, the VGreen motor’s onboard low voltage digital inputs allow easy control of preset speeds from solar and control systems.  

Programming the VGreen motor is simple and intuitive. Pool owners can easily program three settings on the motor to meet their pool’s requirement for circulation, cleaners and heaters while optimizing energy usage.  This simple process to program the motor reduces repeat call backs to update the schedule.

Consumers are not only accustomed to energy efficient options with respect to home appliances (HVAC, water heaters, refrigerators, etc.) but they are keen to reap the financial benefits of using these products.  When told that the VGreen motor will undoubtedly cost more than a conventional single speed motor but can be installed immediately, will run quietly and will save them up to 80% in energy costs leading to a product payoff in as little as a year, a pool owner will typically choose the variable speed motor.  Consider offering the VGreen motor as an option when quoting a replacement motor!  You will find that your customers appreciate having a choice and will choose energy efficiency when given the option.

For more information, product training opportunities, and support please contact your local Century representative or info@centuryelectricmotor.com.

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