Browning Train Trg Solution

A premier HVAC manufacturer located in the United States had received reports of several unexpected motor failures on some roof-top units. The cause of the motor failures was not readily known. However, the black-colored residue was found inside the motor windings so the V-belt drive was thought to be a contributor. This particular manufacturer is very focused on quality and the production staff there takes great pride in their work. The manufacturer contacted Regal, requesting a Perceptiv audit of the motors and V-belt drives into the drive cabinets. The goal of this review was to ensure a Best-Practice approach was being followed and that any problems encountered with regard to the motors while in service were not directly related to the assembly process.

Browning® Solution

A Regal Perceptiv team member visited the production facility and observed the installation of several Browning driver and driven sheaves as well as Browning idlers. Also observed was the installation of several motors. The drives ranged in size from fractional up through 180 frame motors. Proper installation of the driver sheaves onto the motor shaft so as to discourage motor bearing damage, proper sheave alignment and V-belt tensioning were focal points of the review. The review was very successful. A more efficient and ‘bearing friendly’ driver sheave install sequence was recommended. A change in functional gaging by using a different thickness of washers to provide more superb sheave alignment was suggested. The importance of continuing the practice of re-tensioning the V-belts, using the Browning V-belt Tensioner (shown), after approximately 8 hours of operation was also a point of emphasis. 

Estimated Benefit

This simple product installation review will prove to be a very good investment for the HVAC manufacturer as they will continue to enjoy the quality performance and reliability of their branded products.


Perceptiv intelligence Provides Installation & Troubleshooting Services to Premier HVAC OEM

We combine our extensive electrical and mechanical power transmission product knowledge and our vast application experience with our diagnostic tools and troubleshooting expertise to provide complete technical service to our customers. 

  • DIAGNOSTICS Utilize advanced technologies to measure vibration, strain, temperature, power, current, voltage, etc., to determine existing state and measure the effects of changes in products or processes.
  • REPAIR Repair, rebuild or refurbish damaged or worn power transmission products.
  • DESIGN Assist customers in reviewing application needs, selecting products, and providing certified layouts and Bills of Material.
  • INSTALLATION Provide installation and commissioning of Regal® Power Transmission Solutions products.
  • MONITORING Using proprietary algorithms, Perceptiv monitors the performance – reliability – operations of customer equipment to improve the total cost of ownership.
  • EDUCATION On-site, off-site, online and/or in-person training to help customers understand products for better application, installation, use, and maintenance to affect their return on investment.



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