Browning TorqTaper Solution for C2P Agg Conveyor

Customer had old alignment free parallel shaft unit (34.47:1 ratio) that utilized swing base and hollow output quill of 915⁄16”. Head pulley is 44” in diameter and 44” wide and conveyor was conveying crushed rock at 600 FPM @ 1200TPH. Unit was making a great deal of noise and it was feared that it could go down at any time.

Browning® Solution

608SMTP25, 608TAP, Belt Guard BGP4, 55V925E, E 3 3/8, 55V1320E, E 2 11/16, 5VX1400 belts, 7.0 Rigid/Rigid coupling with special pilot ring in line bored 915⁄16” and 61 ⁄2” modified for keyless mounting and the use of a keyless bushing for slip fit mounting. A 915⁄16” shaft was not going to fit into the 608 unit. A full rigid coupling was used to create a shaft extension and adapt to a 61 ⁄2” diameter and 29” stub shaft to be mounted to the existing head pulley. The customer did not have to turn shaft down or remove existing head pulley and bearings to get this solution to work. Great amount of maintenance time saved in not having to remove machine and replace. Also did not have to interference fit rigid hub to 915⁄16 shaft. Use of keyless bushing combined with 7.0 rigid/rigid allowed for work on parts in machine shop and easy replacement or installation in the field.


C2P Conveyor. One of two conveyors feeding crushed rock to screens

Solution Type

Maintenance cost savings

Key Customer needs and benefits

The customer needed a unit quickly and the ability to install without a great amount of down time.

Torque Taper Plus® Shaft Mount Reducer

Features and Benefits

  • Patented Torq Taper Plus mounting system allows ease of installation and removal 

  • Patented barrier seal system provides protection in the most extreme applications 

  • Tapered roller bearings on all shafts for maximum thrust capacity 

  • Commercially available bearings and seals make maintenance trouble-free 

  • Carburized and ground gearing provides higher rating capacity less space 

  • Size 107 - 800

  • 3 ⁄4” through 8” shaft sizes 

  • Ratios 5:1 , 9:1, 15:1, 25:1, and 35:1 

  • Up to 675,000 in/lbs torque

  • Field installable back stop 

  • Available in c- face and hydraulic inputs 

  • Easily converted to a screw conveyor drive



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