Browning Sludge Drive Solution

The environmental conditions associated with water treatment processing can be very corrosive and damaging to mechanical power transmission products. Not only are the external surfaces of these rotating products often corroded but water treatment plant employees are frequently burdened with water intrusion problems as well. This was the case with a mid-western USA municipality. Back-water and sludge formation had entered several of its gear reducers through the output seals. This resulted in lubrication failure, bearing failures, and corrosion. 

Browning® Solution

Four application-specific DESIGN modifications were introduced into two of the failed gear reducers during product rebuild. Those included (1) installation of non-shielded output bearings (2) Increased oil level (3) Addition of an oil dipstick and (4) Installation of a V-ring element at each output shaft extension. Combined, these modifications provided better lubrication to the bearings and seals, allowed for easier maintenance, and discouraged water intrusion.  

Estimated Benefit

This DESIGN solution has been successful. Both rebuilt gear reducers have been in service for over 18 months with no reports of water intrusion. Water treatment is just one of several industries where Perceptiv has extensive experience and can design solutions for unique drive problems.

Perceptiv Repairs Reducer and Enhances Sealing System

We combine our extensive electrical and mechanical power transmission product knowledge and our vast application experience with our diagnostic tools and troubleshooting expertise to provide complete technical service to our customers. 

  • DIAGNOSTICS Utilize advanced technologies to measure vibration, strain, temperature, power, current, voltage, etc., to determine existing state and measure the effects of changes in products or processes.
  • REPAIR Repair, rebuild or refurbish damaged or worn power transmission products.
  • DESIGN Assist customers in reviewing application needs, selecting products, and providing certified layouts and Bills of Material.
  • INSTALLATION Provide installation and commissioning of Regal® Power Transmission Solutions products.
  • MONITORING Using proprietary algorithms, Perceptiv monitors the performance – reliability – operations of customer equipment to improve the total cost of ownership.
  • EDUCATION On-site, off-site, online and/or in-person training to help customers understand products for better application, installation, use, and maintenance to affect their return on investment.



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