IRA Syncrogear® Worm Gearing

IRA Syncrogear Worm Gearing


  • Torque range up to 3,500 In/lbs
  • Utilize same motor end as Series 3000 Gear-motors
  • Two double lipped oil seals at input and output shafts


  • Foot and flange mount worm and worm-helical available
  • Forged “LMS” bronze worm wheel provides extra strength and life
  • Roller bearings on output shaft provide ample rating for high overhung load
  • Factory filled with oil


Innovative self-locking taper shaft connection (motor to gear) allows on-site replacement without removing primary pinion or disconnecting the load. This ensures precision alignment and eliminates fretting to expedite motor removal.






IRA Syncrogear Worm Gearing
IRA Syncrogear Worm Gearing
IRA Syncrogear Worm Gearing

IRA Syncrogear® Worm Gearing is a range of worm and worm/helical right angle enclosed gearing available as gear-motors and C-face reducers. It offers torque capacities up to 3,500-inch pounds. Housing designs include footed and flanged configurations. Gear-motors are available in three and single phase to 5 HP. Gear-motors can be ordered with fixed and variable speed motors in TEFC, wash down and explosion-proof enclosures. Ratios available are from 7:1 to 350:1 in this product range.

Additional Data

 Details  Specifics   IRA
 Capacity  Inch Pounds  3,500
 Ratios  Nominal  7.1 to 355:1
 Input Options  Gearmotor  .33 to 5 HP
 C-Face  YES
 Input Shaft  -
 Scoop Mount  -
 Top Mount  -
 Gearmotor  TEFC Motor 3 Phase  YES
 TEFC Motor 1 Phase  YES
 TEFC Corro-Duty  YES
 Explosion Proof  YES
 Motor Efficiency  Meets/Exceeds NEMA Standards  YES
 Output Options  Foot Mount  YES
 Face Mount  -
 Flange Mount  YES
 Single Solid Shaft  YES
 Double Solid Shaft  -
 Hollow Shaft  -
 Taper Bushed  -
 Variable Speed  Inverter Duty MG1Part31  YES

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