Belt Drive Retrofit

Belt Drive Retrofit


What are outdated HVAC belt drives costing you?  HVAC systems play a critical role in keeping us comfortable whether in a commercial, office or large residential buildings. The people who keep them running, including building managers and engineers, constantly monitor performance, costs and repair schedules to ensure comfort and long operational life.


But have you considered that using existing technology may not be maximizing your repair costs and actually may be wasting energy costs? Consider that 50% of all energy used in buildings is tied to HVAC/R. Let Browning® help you become energy smart in 4 simple steps:


1.Upgrade from wrapped to notched belts and improve efficiency buy up to 3%
2.Inspect sheaves for wear
3.Properly tension belts
4.Install Tenso-Set® self-adjusting motor base


Watch the video to learn more about the Browning Belt Drive Retrofit program:


HVAC Statistics:


Belt drives are the means of mechanical power transmission for over 80% of commercial HVAC equipment.
Typical method of replacement for worn components is to replace like-for-like
Half of all commercial buildings were constructed before 1980
Commercial building energy usage = 11.0% cooling, 11.5% ventilation, 3.7% space heating. = 26.2% for all HVAC equipment
Of belt driven equipment there are 2 typical types of belts, wrapped and notched
Wrapped belts peak power transmission capability are 95%-96% efficiency
Notched belts transmission capability are 98% efficient
The current installed base of notched vs. wrapped is approximately 57% - 60% wrapped
HVAC/R uses 50% of all energy in U.S. commercial buildings

Research suggests that about 50% of the fans in use will not comply with the new federal regulations and will need to be upgraded or replaced.



Toolbox Technician®

Mobile App

• Energy Efficiency Calculator
• GPS-activated “Where To Buy”
• Conversion tools
• And many other great features

Mobile App Image

Upgrade from wrapped to notched belts

and improve efficiency

Notched Belts
                Replace Worn Sheaves

Replace Worn sheaves




Regal Browning V-Belt Drive Efficiency in 4 Easy Steps

If you could save $23,000 on your annual energy spend, pay for it in about 2 weeks and install it in 10 minutes - would you do it? Check our video and let us show you how!



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