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Find the right parts for your application based on: dimension, power, speed, service factor as well as other environmental conditions.




Browning<sup>&reg;</sup> mounted ball and tapered roller bearings are designed to perform in a variety of industries worldwide and are available in a variety of sizes, housings and locking styles. This provides a balance between performance and interchangeability with common designs found in the marketplace.


Browning<sup>&reg;</sup> couplings include families of non-lubricated elastomeric and jaw type couplings as well as rigid and sleeve type couplings&nbsp; to address many needs.


The Browning<sup>&reg;</sup> gear products include the helical shaft mounted speed reducers, inline helical and right angle helical bevel drives and worm gear-motors used in a variety of applications.

Mechanical Power Transmission

The Browning<sup>&reg;</sup>&nbsp;brand is an industry leading producer of mechanical power transmission products that are designed to serve a wide range of industries and applications today. The Browning<sup>&reg;&nbsp;</sup>portfolio is known for it's V-Belt drive components that can provide efficient performance and interchangeability for HVAC drive applications found in the market today.

358 Belts

Browning® 3V, 5V and 8V belts are designed to deliver maximum performance and service life. These belts are also unique as they will perform in heat-sensitive applications up to 250°F.

Belt Drive Retrofit

Consider that 50% of all energy used in buildings is tied to HVAC/R. Let Browning® belts help you become energy smart in 4 simple steps:

BOA<sup>&trade;</sup> Concentric Locking Collar

A modular bearing assembly consists of a sealed and lubricated inch or a metric ball bearing. It is contained within a variety of housings types, locking mechanisms, mounting styles, and housing materials.

E920 Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings

Browning® E920 series mounted tapered roller bearings feature one-piece non-expansion housings with Type E mounting dimensions and limited misalignment.

FHP Sheaves

Browning® quality FHP sheaves are offered in both finished bore and bushed style offerings.

High Horsepower Belt

New Browning High Horsepower Belts contain new materials and the use of advanced-design technology that have led to a new generation of raw edge V-belts that outperform all similarly sized belts in a wide range of applications.

HPT<sup>&reg;</sup> Belt & HPT CHAIN<sup>&reg;</sup> Belts

The synchronous belt drives combine the positive timing action of gears with the flexibility, speed and low noise level of belts.

IRA Syncrogear<sup>&reg;</sup> Worm Gearing

IRA Syncrogear® Worm Gearing is a range of worm and worm/helical right angle enclosed gearing available as gear-motors and C-face reducers. It offers torque capacities up to 3,500-inch pounds. Housing designs include footed and flanged configurations.

MVP<sup>&reg;</sup> Sheaves

MVP® multiple groove sheaves are available up to 5 grooves. They are offered in a range of pitch diameters from 3.4-17.2”. They are manufactured for multiple belt-drives up to 300 HP.

Q-D<sup>&reg;</sup> Bushings

Browning® Q-D® Bushings Standard Sizes - 1/2” - 7” bore range. Metric Sizes - 24mm - 100mm bore range.

Torq Gard<sup>&reg;</sup> Clutch

Browning® Torq Gard® overload clutches are the most accurate torque overload devices that Regal® offers. Torque capacity up to 8000 in-lbs and speed ranges from 350-1800 rpm.

Torq Pro<sup>&reg;</sup> Clutch

The Browning® Torq Pro® overload clutch is a release-type ball-detent style torque overload device with a single position reset configuration. Torque capacity up to 63300 in-lbs and speed ranges up to 1200 rpm.

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