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SealMaster® Time Saving Bearing

What IF... you are able to reduce total downtime that is required to changeout bearings, saving more than just time?



Countless hours have been spent removing setscrew mounted bearings from shafts. Burrs that are created from setscrews and fretting corrosion have contributed to difficult bearing removal. The Sealmaster Large Bore Performance Gold Line Mounted Ball Bearings now feature a patented* TIME SAVING axial groove in the inner ring bore to allow for easier bearing removal and ability to reuse the shafting with minimal clean up ‘Saving You Time’.



+ RELENTLESS PERFORMANCE: No impact to ball path roundness, load & speed rating, or bearing performance

+ EASY MAINTENANCE: Axial groove in the inner ring bore is designed to provide clearance from the burr created when the setscrews are properly torqued to lock the bearing to the shaft.


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Sealmaster SkwezlocThe NEW & IMPROVED Sealmaster Skwezloc® Concentric Locking Collar
This design accommodates Commercial Turned and Polished (T&P) along with traditional Turned, Ground, and Polished (T&P) shafting while improving lock reliability.

+ SHAFT COST... Customers using T&P shafts may save up to 25% to 35% if the shafting specification also accommodates Commercial T&P.

+ CLAMPING FORCE... Experience improved holding (clamping) force on TG&P and ability to reuse on t&P shafting.

+ EASY INSTALLATION... New design results in near perfect concentricity, maintains ball path roudness, minimal vibration, reduced fretting corrosion, minimize shaft marring, smoother and quiter operations with high speed ratings and easy installation.


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Promotion terms and conditions

  • Discount will be provided to the local distributor if a the Account is replacing a competitive bearing with a Time Saving Axial Groove product. By selecting the box in the form above, customer confirms that this transaction has a 1:1 competitive replacement situation.
  • Discount will also be provided to the local distributor if an Account has not bought a Sealmaster® mounted ball bearing from Regal Beloit’s distribution channel in the last 12 months.
  • Quoted price will only be valid for 30 days from date of issue.
  • No blanket order will be accepted.
  • Product release date must be no later than December 31st, 2019.
  • The discount shall not apply to a replacement of a single unit of a competitive product with multiple units of Time Saving Axial Groove products.
  • This promotion ends effective end of the day December 31, 2019. Regal Beloit will not accept or consider promotion forms received after March 31, 2020.
  • Promotion is available for any Account operating in the USA.
  • Administrator may revise, change limitations, make exception as business needs change or terminate this promotion.

Definitions. This program will use the following definitions.

  • "Administrator" means Regal Beloit America, Inc Time Saving Axial Groove products marketing team
  • “Discount" means a 15% off first order from the industrial distributor price.
  • An “Account” is a business that has an active business account with Regal Beloit
  • "Regal Beloit" means Regal Beloit America, Inc., a Wisconsin corporation, or any successor thereto.


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