Supplier Development

SREM (Supplier Requirements and Expectations Manual)

Our objective is to design and assemble defect-free product and improve on-time delivery to our customer’s schedule. To obtain new business, direct material suppliers are expected to be ISO-9001 registered with an accredited registrar, support our commitment to continuous improvement in all processes and comply with requirements to ensure the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. Supplier quality expectations are fully aligned with our internal manufacturing and customer quality assurance activities, and are no different than the expectations we have for our own manufacturing facilities. 



Assist in Locating and Qualifying Suppliers, Building Partnerships, Monitoring Performance and helping existing Suppliers Maintain & Improve Quality, Delivery, Cost & Service to Regal to Ensure the Overall Competitiveness of our Global Regal Supply Base.

Corrective Action

Regal monitors the corrective actions throughout a Global 8D hosted software solution application that allows individuals and teams to create, request, review, and report on problem solving efforts using the proven Global 8D methodology.


Regal APQP-PPAP Requirements 

Regal is committed to continuous improvement of its product and process characteristic capability to remain an industry leader. Regal requires all suppliers to have a documented Change Management Policy in place and procedure that defines what constitutes a change and what should be done for an unplanned and planned change and what approvals are required before a change is implemented. This policy and procedure should be available for review or provide upon request by Regal.  Each supplier must work collaboratively with Regal to identify and implement product and process changes should be provided continuously improving the value of its products and its product-related processes.


Commodity Specifications

In addition to the specifications on Regal’s drawing, the following guidelines are presented for our suppliers' review. If you have questions, they should be directed to:


Regal Owned Tooling/Equipment Data

Standard method of collecting & managing Regal owned tooling/equipment.

Tooling Declaration Forms:

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