Wattsaver<sup>&reg;</sup> Motor Solution


Peanut dryer OEMs are stressing the importance of reliability and productivity gains from motor manufacturers, since this is what peanut processors require. Designed for continuous, round-the-clock operation for two months every year, the motors that power these machines’ fans must be up for the job. Since peanut quality is maintained by slowly lowering the moisture level at low temperatures, it’s important that the motors’ thermostats provide thermal overload protection. Peanuts cannot be dried quickly like some other crops; so, it’s critical to get that temperature and drying time just right.


A leading manufacturer of peanut drying machines recognized that one size doesn’t fit all and engineered a line of dryers that provides better airflow, allowing for higher throughput rates.

One of its instrumental components is the use of LEESON motors on each peanut dryer fan. The 30 HP Wattsaver® motors provide enhanced operating efficiencies, cooler operating temperatures and reduced running amperage.

When these machines are running 24/7, they need a motor that can hold up to the job. The LEESON® Wattsaver motor is economical, reliable and saves energy and costs.

Since peanuts contribute more than $4 billion to the US economy annually, Regal’s customers have come to depend on the company’s innovative engineering to ensure successful peanut harvests year after year.

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