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The maintenance and engineering teams at a plant desired to know what their mill’s typical operating loads were in order to prevent damages to the new reducer. Regal® Lifecycle® services stepped in and installed torque monitoring equipment on roughing mills 1 and 5 to monitor real-time toque as the mill operated. The collected data reflects transient torque spikes during production. These spikes may only last milliseconds, but can cause damage to equipment and components downstream in the drive train. Additionally, after the new gearbox was installed, the customer requested that the mill continue to be monitored for a period of time to confirm that the loading of the new gearbox does not exceed the torque rating of the roughing mill.


The data provided shows the magnitude of any torque spikes that the mill equipment is subjected to during the production of the steel slabs. With this data, the customer is better equipped to make any necessary changes either to the process of equipment to lower the possibility of future damage or to the failures that lead to production downtime.

Primary Metals Solution
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