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A major utility was struggling with maintenance outages due to their present maintenance practices and reduced budgets for their maintenance staff. Critical pieces of equipment would fail and the unscheduled downtime was affecting the powerhouse operations. The Regal team was contacted and performed a detail walk through of the couplings in question. What they recommended was a Kop-Flex® coupling monitoring system tied to the plant’s DCS.    


The Regal team recommended a combination of Kop-Flex® Powerlign® and Powerwheel™ torque meters to monitor and predict potential issues with couplings located on key equipment within the facility. The couplings were monitored within 500 feet of the sensors and data was transmitted via RS-485 and MODBUS® protocol. In some cases, standalone display units were used, but the plant game changer was to integrate the units into the plant's exiting DCS system. This way, they could monitor the couplings within the powerhouse and develop predictive and preventive software to create a proactive maintenance mode, saving thousands of dollars.

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