Packaging Machinery Solution


The OEM was looking for an innovative system to sort packages to and from different lines. The existing system was a mechanical/pneumatic system that needed mechanical adjustments, required an air source, and created a possible safety hazard while running. The conveyed products are boxes with 120mm width X 100mm length and weight of 750 grams. Throughput was 100 packs per minute.


Regal suggested incorporating the System Plast® 1/2“ diameter ball LFB2253RT roller top belting into a new machine concept. The 1/2“ diameter balls with 1” spacing provided great product support and complete flexibility in product movement. The key customer benefits were a conveyor shortened by 500mm and the ability to provide the same sortation functions and an overall cost reduction of approximately 15% over the previous design. Safety was also improved as mechanical rollers and pusher blocks were eliminated, removing pinch points.

Packaging Machinery Solution
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