Direct Drive Motor Solution


The agriculture industry faces the same challenges as every business in looking for ways to reduce costs and increase margin. What makes them unique is accomplishing this while protecting their livestock and crops.


The Regal SyMAX® permanent magnet, 56 frame, motor is now available in 1/2HP at 1400 RPM; 3/4HP at 900RPM and 2HP at 600RPM to provide the low HP and low speed required for agriculture fan applications. These high efficiency, IE5 motors come paired and tuned with a drive for an easy installation. Their high efficiency and variable speed motor capability promote greater energy savings when compared to a traditional induction motor.

The direct drive motor application eliminates the cost of belts, sheaves, bearings, separate shaft and tensioning bar. Maintenance is also reduced as the replacement of belts and sheaves along with lubricating bearings is eliminated. Belts also require maintenance for proper tension and if not addressed can result in reducing a motor’s bearing life, cause v-belt failure and/or reduce sheave life. Lastly, since there are fewer parts involved, the direct drive system can often be more compact in design and weigh less than a traditional belted motor and fan solution.

The direct drive motor application can reduce on-site maintenance of the fans, which means less risk to livestock by bringing in outside contaminants.  Employee and contractor safety is also increased as a fan’s location can require ladders to access for repair and upkeep.

Overall, when compared to a traditional belted induction motor application, a SyMAX permanent magnet, 56 frame, motor can increase energy savings, reduce maintenance costs and protect livestock (by decreasing human contact due to fan upkeep).

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