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What are outdated HVAC belt drives costing you?  HVAC systems play a critical role in keeping us comfortable whether in a commercial, office or large residential buildings. The people who keep them running, including building managers and engineers, constantly monitor performance, costs and repair schedules to ensure comfort and long operational life.


But have you considered that using existing technology may not be maximizing your repair costs and actually may be wasting energy costs? Consider that 50% of all energy used in buildings is tied to HVAC/R.


HVAC Statistics:


  • Belt drives are the means of mechanical power transmission for over 80% of commercial HVAC equipment.
  • Typical method of replacement for worn components is to replace like-for-like
  • Half of all commercial buildings were constructed before 1980
  • Commercial building energy usage = 11.0% cooling, 11.5% ventilation, 3.7% space heating. = 26.2% for all HVAC equipment
  • Of belt driven equipment there are 2 typical types of belts, wrapped and notched
  • Wrapped belts peak power transmission capability are 95%-96% efficiency
  • Notched belts transmission capability are 98% efficiency
  • The current installed base of notched vs. wrapped is approximately 57% - 60% wrapped
  • HVAC/R uses 50% of all energy in U.S. commercial buildings
  • Research suggests that about 50% of the fans in use will not comply with the new federal regulations and will need to be upgraded or replaced




Energy Responsibility in 4 steps


A single 100HP belt driven application that drops from 98% to 95% in efficiency costs $1422.00 annually in added electricity. (Based on $0.12/kWh, 18hrs/7 day wk usage at 75% load)


  1. Upgrade from wrapped to notched belts and improve efficiency. Wrapped v-belts can run up to 95% efficient, whereas notched v-belts can run up to 98% efficient!
  2. Replace Worn Sheaves 
    • Groove wear greater than 1/32” indicates replacement is needed
    • Belt should never ride in bottom of groove
    • Inspect for breaks on flange
  3. Properly Tension Belts. Example of glazed belt due to under tensioning and worn sheaves.
  4. Install self-adjusting motorbase. Tenso-Set® Series 600 horizontal sliding motor base (with optional quick release) enhances technician convenience and belt drive efficiency by automatically maintaining belt tension for extended periods and allowing quick belt changes.


Browning Belt Drive Upgrade Program


What Are Outdated HVAC Belt Drives Costing You?

The three-step Browning Belt Drive Upgrade Program can show you how to reduce cost, maximize efficiency and optimize performance.



Upgrade details for the example above:


  • Replacement part savings: $3,036. Optimized 2 groove 5VX section vs. Original 4 groove C section
  • Reduced annual energy costs: $700 per unit, per year. Based on expected 3% efficiency gain by switching from wrapped to Notched style belts.
  • Decreased Bearing Hub Load: 7% (extended bearing life). Due to less sheave weight and fewer belts.
  • Extended Belt Life: From 12 to 36 months


Three-step Browning Belt Drive Upgrade Program


  • Collect. Our program contains useful instructional videos and data collection tools outlining all critical information needed to conduct an upgrade.
  • Select. EDGE (Engineered Design Guaranteed Economy) V-belt Drive Optimization Software selects the lowest cost and most torque dense drives. Do it yourself or send completed Application Data Sheet to our Application Engineering Team to help you. 
  • Sustain. After optimized solutions are properly installed, sustain your savings with proper preventative maintenance and automatic motor bases and bearing lubricators. 


High performance v-belt drive and mounted products for air-handing applications.



 Mounted Bearings  B5V® Sheaves  Variable Pitch Sheaves  V-Belts  Tenso-Set Motor Base


  • Air Handling Design
  • Concentric Lock on the Shaft
  • High Performance, Low Vibration/Noise

  • B and 5V belt sections
  • Split taper bushing, positive shaft lock
  • High performance, low vibration


  • Ribbed design, cool running
  • Precision thread tolerance
  • High performance, low vibration

  • EPDM Material, wide temp range
  • Code One Matching exceeds RMA matching limits
  • High performance, low vibration


  • Significantly reduces time required to change v-belts
  • Promotes greater efficiency by constantly maintaining v-belt tension
  • Design helps to maintain superior drive alignment
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