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Regal was approached to design a System Plast® modular conveyor system that could  effortlessly move automobiles through a dual strand test tunnel while simulating environmental conditions that the car would encounter on highways from all around the globe. Even in conditions like rain and sleet that would be directly sprayed over and under the body carriage, the belting had to be impervious to extreme conditions and offer low maintenance, reduced wear, and increased uptime.  


Regal designed a System Plast® modular belt system using extra heavy-duty belting that incorporated molded one-piece sprockets with a polygonal shape to provide optimum belt support.  A unique design feature of the belting is the clip that retains the pins to allow for easy installation, but, more importantly, can be removed with a simple hammer and screw driver.  This proved to decrease  downtime on change out. 

Automotive Solution
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