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The System Plast brand is a global leader in high-quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and conveying components for the beverage, food, and unit handling industries. The System Plast brand continues to be an innovator within the industry by producing conveying solutions that reduce production and maintenance downtime while increasing conveyor speeds.

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Our System Plast conveyor chain return rollers are made from impact-resistant material. They are highly resistant to chemicals and have self-lubricating characteristics.

Our System Plast neck guides allow PET containers to flow smoothly in high speed, air conveying applications. Nolu-SR is a proprietary blend of UHMW and other USDA accepted lubricants. This material allows for a harder, lower friction material that is ideal in these applications.

System Plast® designed a modular belt system using extra heavy-duty belting that incorporated molded one-piece sprockets with a polygonal shape to provide optimum belt support.

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System Plast is one of the largest conveying component lines in the market featuring our exclusive Valu Guide guide rail and accessories.

Our System Plast perforated top and flush grid modular belts are offered in a variety of pitches, widths, and thicknesses. A variety of materials are also available to provide conveying solutions for almost any application.

The customer was then presented with a solution package consisting of System Plast® Nolu®-S guide rails. SpeedSet brackets and a turn-key installation service option were provided by Lifecycle Services.

System Plast® suggested incorporating the ½’ diameter ball LFB2253RT Roller Top Belting into a new machine concept. The ½’ diameter balls with 1’ spacing provided great product support and complete flexibility in product movement.