Mechanical Power Transmission Components

Regal offers an extensive product line of mechanical power transmission components ranging from clutches, torque overload devices, chains, sprockets, bushing and much more allowing us to help your power transmission needs from start to finish.​

Mechanical CAM Clutches use a cam or wedging element to lock the inner and outer races of the clutch. This transmits torque in only one direction. Torque overload devices help protect machinery from overloads or equipment jams.

Regal offers a full range of pre-stressed roller chain. This includes standard and heavy series, single and multiple strands, and custom conveyor chain with a variety of attachments.

Regal is proud to offer one of the largest selection of V-Belts and sheaves available for belt drive components. See how our product can provide you with quality, reliable power transmission solutions.

Regal offers a large selection of split taper, QD and taper bore bushings to fit a variety of applications and demands.

Regal offers a wide variety of drive tighteners and idlers. They provide the necessary means of take-up for applications with fixed centers.

Regal offers a comprehensive line of off-the-shelf gears in the industry. This includes spur, change, miter and bevel gears and gear rack. All gears meet AGMA quality standards and our own close manufacturing tolerances.

Hub City farm products and accessories include both PTO and non-PTO solutions. Power ratings are up to 125 HP and include Adaptors, splined shafts, couplings and hubs. Overrunning couplers for high-inertia loads and overhung load adapters for hydraulic motors are also part of the product line.

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