Parallel Shaft Gearing

The core of Regal’s parallel-shaft gearing product line is our shaft mount and concentric product offering. These products are highlighted by innovative and problem-solving designs, based on our application and industry experience. We also offer a wide array of other parallel-shaft products for application-specific and general-purpose needs.

Parallel shaft gearing utilizes helical or spur gearing with shafts that are parallel and offset.  Input connection can be facilitated using couplings, belt drives, or c-face quill.  Various output configurations are available.  These gearboxes are used individually, and also in combination with other gearboxes to easily fine-tune the ratio to the application requirement. ​


Shaft mount reducers are enclosed helical gear reducers with a hollow output. They are mounted directly on the input shaft of the driven machine. They're supported by the shaft and torque arm arrangement or motor mount frame. ​

In-Line Reducers

In-Line Reducers

In-line speed reducers use helical gears on shafts that are arranged so that the input and output shafts are concentric, or with a slight vertical offset. Various input and output configurations enable the adaptation to the application.

Poweratio 5000 In-line speed reducers feature high quality, precision components and are dimensionally & mechanically interchangeable with many major brands. Available in a wide variety of mounting arrangements and input options.

Poweratio 5000 Configurator


The integral gearmotor design in the CbN in-line product features an innovative self-locking taper shaft connection that eliminates fretting and allows on-site replacement without removing oil, pinion gear or disconnecting the load.

CbN 3000 Configurator
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